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  1. Madmazz

    New to hair

    How are you doing? I know this is an old thread but though Id hop on to see if you ever did find anything? Im an assessor over in Redditch with my own salon so if you ever needed anything, give me a shout :)
  2. Madmazz

    Chair to rent in Redditch, Worcestershire

    Hi everyone, I have a spacious salon with free parking over in the West Midlands and looking for stylists to join us on a self-employment basis. We offer various services from physiotherapy to hair replacement. Everyone is self-employed and runs their own micro-business but there is an...
  3. Madmazz

    Redditch, Worcestershire | stylist chair rentals available

    Were looking for self employed hair stylists to join our large hair, beauty and health centre based in Redditch, Worcestershire. All positions are on a self employment basis and therefore you are flexible on hours and days you work as well as products and services you offer. As well as a large...
  4. Madmazz

    Where are all the hairdressers?

    Hello Geeks, Can anyone tell me where are all the hairdressers? lol I own a large hair, beauty and health centre and cant find any stylists. We are so busy we are turning clients away and need more self employed stylists. I advertise through my local wholesaler, facebook, website but still...
  5. Madmazz

    Treatment rooms to rent - Redditch, Worcesteshire

    Hi All, I have rooms to rent in my hair, beauty and health centre in Redditch, Worcestershire. Rooms can be let by the day, week or long term - very flexible. I have 3 rooms left. We already offer hair, typical beauty (nails, massage, tanning and facials) and physio so looking for other...
  6. Madmazz

    Stylists using different brands?

    Good Morning Geeks :) Does anyone use Affrinage here? My new salon is in an area where this is the main colour line but my experience is very little on this range but I have a lot of customers who dislike it and have moved to me because I don't use it - I believe its a cheap brand? We are all...
  7. Madmazz

    LED lights effecting nails?

    Hi All, Im a hairdresser here so forgive me if this sounds strange LOL I have a new beautician starting and has asked me the change the LED lights in her room to normal lights as ithe LED bulbs effects her nails - it makes them "take" and effects her brushes. Is this true? I cannot believe...
  8. Madmazz

    Nail technicians wanted - Redditch

    Hi, We have availability for freelance nail technicians in our hair, beauty and health centre based in Redditch, Worcestershire. Complete flexibility, grate rates, cross promotion - great for anyone starting our or looking for a change. Contact us at www.thehairfactoryredditch.co.uk
  9. Madmazz


    Are you still looking to use Redken? I am too but don't want packs of 6 either LOL. I have found a wholesale in London (Paks Wholesale) and you can order online - I haven't done it yet though as I have never ordered from them and their prices are cheaper than buying from Redken direct.
  10. Madmazz

    Hair loss friendly hairdressers

    Hi, I work in Redditch, Worcestershire and offer a private room for those who prefer privacy. I also offer hair replacement for men and women if you would like to add me to your list. Check out my site www.thehairfactoryredditch.co.uk
  11. Madmazz

    Acrylic training in Worcestershire

    Hi, You still looking? I know of a place looking for a nail tech...well sort of. They have approx 60 people needing nails done fortnightly so its a ready made customer base. Some late nights too - eye for detail is a must as its TV work. PM me if you would like to know more :)
  12. Madmazz

    Assessors Award?

  13. Madmazz

    Assessors Award?

    After being an assessor and IV for 6 years, you need experience. The job is 90% paperwork and 10% hair so be warned. Quality is not what it use to be with very high targets and there is a demand to just pass learners. I can only speak from what I have experienced but things aren't getting better...
  14. Madmazz

    Blondme developer help!

    I am in LOVE with Blondeme - it lifts so clean :) I must admit though, I usually just use igora developer - 10 vol so I can keep an eye out as the lift is very quick. I find I always get a clean blonde even on from a base 5
  15. Madmazz

    Paul Mitchell, Sexy Hair and more?

    Hi Geeks, Im a new business and looking for a new shampoo and conditioning range as well as styling. Im going round in circles and out of my mind. Cost is a big factor - I am looking to get a few products and build up a range after trying things out. My question is what do you think of Paul...
  16. Madmazz

    Stylist chair renter required - Redditch, Worcestershire

    Hi Geeks, Looking for stylists to join our team at The Hair Factory :) We are a new salon, offering beauty and holistic treatments as well as hairdressing. We have taken over a large factory unit which has given us 6 rooms and a large salon area as well as a huge car park. Looking for new...
  17. Madmazz

    Redditch-stylists wanted and rooms to rent!

    The Hair Factory is a new hair and beauty centre based in Redditch, Worcestershire. We are based in the North Moons Moat area of the town and have free parking on our doorstep. As well as hair and beauty we will also be hosting pamper parties and various events throughout the year. Please get in...
  18. Madmazz

    Do you use the same brand of colour and styling products?

    Hi Everyone, I am transferring over to Schwarzkopf from L'Oreal. The thing is I love the L'Oreal shamps, conditioners not to mention they are 1.5L where every other company seems to be 1L and twice the price. My question is do any of you cherry pick your products and stay with one colour...
  19. Madmazz

    Hidden salon - out of town

    Hi All, Just wondering if any of you work from a salon thats not on a high street? I am in a salon which has very little footfall but fantastic parking and I know when people know were here it will be a blast. Anyone else in the same boat or could offer any advice on marketing? we are...