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  1. ns21

    Entity Beauty

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you have already tried Entity Beauty nail products. I was reading my Aug. issue of Nailpro and I saw an ad about them and I visited their website www.entitybeauty.com. I am interested in becoming a Entity Advantage Member but I want to see what you all...
  2. ns21

    my website

  3. ns21

    white tips

    That is true. Unless they only want one heart to show.
  4. ns21

    white tips

    Actually, they were not bulky at all. The red tip is actually very thin. I really did not like the red tips and I had stop using them since they were so thin. That is when I decided to place them together (the red tip and white tip) and I like the way they looked together. I got those red tips...
  5. ns21

    white tips

    I have those white tips with hearts cut out but I have to say that I have never tried them with gel. What I did for Valentines Day is that I glued a red tip and on top of it I glued the white tips with hearts cut out. Then I overlayed it with acrylic. This is what I got...
  6. ns21

    how does one become an educator?

    Thank you everyone for the response. I will do just that. Thanks Nidia
  7. ns21

    how does one become an educator?

    Hello fellow geeks! I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how one can become an educator? I am from the U.S. I been doing nails for almost 10 years now. I have had my salon and now I was thinking about becoming an educator for a company like Creative or E-Z Flow. Do you need certain...
  8. ns21

    what happens to your clients when........

    Hi everyone! For those who have been pregnant, just wanted to know what happens to your clients when you go on maternity leave? Do some of your clients get upset? I recently found out that I am pregnant with my second child and now that I have been telling my clients the good news some of them...
  9. ns21

    How long did it take when you started???

    It's true, I think that it is better to take your time and do the set well then to do the set fast and have complaints later. When I first started it took me 2 hours and a half to finish a new set. Now, I take 1 hour to do a set of tips and overlay, 1 hour and 1/2 for colored acrylic. With time...
  10. ns21

    young v creative

    I too have wondered which would be better. I have always used Creative and I love it! But I REALLY would like to try out some of the colored acrylics that Young Nails has. I got inspired by Christies nails and she uses Young Nails. www.christiesnails.com Nidia
  11. ns21

    How much do you charge for a full set?

    My new sets start at $28 and go all the way up to $55. Pretty average for my area. The non-standard salons here for new sets are $15-$20.
  12. ns21

    getting new clients

    Have you ever tried hooking up with a Hair Stylist? You can offer your nail services to her clients and vice versa. Here at my salon that's how we work. For the past year that my salon has been open it has been me and another Hair Stylist. She has had her clientel for years and so have I. So...
  13. ns21

    What do you use to soak off enhancements?

    I use pure acetone and I pour it in a glass bowl with marbles. I find that using the marbles helps in removing the product plus my clients can have some fun while they soak. Nidia
  14. ns21

    Boogie night

    The ratio for Boogie nights does need to be more wet than other systems. Try changing your ratio next time. Nidia
  15. ns21

    Dollarbill Nails

    Sorry I took so long to respond but this is how I did it. I measured all her nails and set aside the nails that I would be using. (I used a clear tip.) Then she gave me one of her dollarbills and I cut it to fit the clear tips in a way that will give it a french look. I then glued them on, cut...
  16. ns21

    Dollarbill Nails

    This is my first attempt on Dollarbill Nails. Has anyone ever tried this before? www.nailsbynidia.com/dollarbillnails,jpg Nidia
  17. ns21

    Which glitter powder?

    Well, you can use some colored acrylics from E-Z FLow. If she wants a pale pink you can mix some colors to acheive the color that she wants. I have done just that. Here are some of my mixes. www.nailsbynidia.com/pinkbubblegum.jpg In this one I mixed Pink Topaz, Brick House, and Pansy...
  18. ns21

    The cutest french tips....

    I also heard about those nail tips that have stars cut out. I bought the star "Punch It" from Transdesign and I cut some french white tips into a chevron tip and punched out the star, then glued the tip and applied a piece of tape underneath the tip and this is what turned out...
  19. ns21

    My first attempt at encased dried flowers

    This is my first attempt at mini dried flowers. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I am going to order more flowers of different colors. I'll post new pictures as soon as I get more flowers. www.nailsbynidia.com/alice.jpg I bought the flowers from LeChat for $6.97. Is there anywhere else that...
  20. ns21

    young nails

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you have tried the Young Nails products? I use creative but I have become interested with Young Nails colored acrylics. I am going to purchase some of their products and I'll post some nail pictures so you all can see. www.youngnails.com Nidia