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  1. AmeliaR

    Which gel polish?

    There's a trade show In London next month why not pop down and see the brands for yourself! Have a play and feel of the product!
  2. AmeliaR

    Beauty treatments from a chaise longue or day bed?

    What treatments do you offer that you need a bed for? If it's just lashes and brows could always use a reclining barbers chairs. Or get a fold up beauty bed then can pop it down when you're not working
  3. AmeliaR

    Shellac nail art

    Have a look at CNDs YouTube channel. There are also nail at classes you can attend including the new Lecente glitter class!!
  4. AmeliaR

    Dermalogica poplularity

    I think Dermalogica unfortunately gets a lot of bashing nowerdays. The salons that had it 15+ years ago before you could get it on the Internet (before you could buy pretty much anything on the Internet) loved it worked with it for years. Then as we technologically evolved Dermalogica didn't...
  5. AmeliaR

    CND Shellac, Bella Forma or Gelish?

    Have a look on Sweet Squared. The CND shellac beginners class is only £295+vat you receive a full kit worth £250 too!!
  6. AmeliaR

    Matte Shellac?

    Buy the CND Glossing buffing and once you've removed the sticky layer use the GREEN side of the CND glossing buffer to buff over and this will make it matte!
  7. AmeliaR

    Gel nails course

    Hannah McAndrew is in Bridgend in Wales! Have a look on sweet squared website or she's got an educator Facebook page! Pop her a message!
  8. AmeliaR

    New Shellac client - nails peeled same night

    I know you said you followed it to a T but can you break it down for me :) what you applied how you removed it also what lamp did you cure the product in ?
  9. AmeliaR

    A&E for tooth pain and abscess

    Ring 111 first!! If a&e is the best place for you they'll send you that and make sure they 'book you in' or give you a time slot or you'll be waiting ages!!
  10. AmeliaR

    Brows company on This Morning using Barry M?

    I thought with the name changed they would have used that to there advantage and be shouting all about it on telly
  11. AmeliaR

    Melting wax

    You can buy an adapter that goes into your cigarette lighter in your car that has a plug on so you can plug your wax heater in in your car
  12. AmeliaR

    Brows company on This Morning using Barry M?

    I think the fact this threads name has changed shows how heavy handed they're legal is!
  13. AmeliaR

    Best nail tech course?

    Hannah will be your closes educator in Wales!! Like her page and drop her a message, tell her Amelia said hi! https://www.facebook.com/creativeacademybridgend/
  14. AmeliaR

    Best nail tech course?

    If you want to use shellac then Sweet squared is where you will find all the info on training! I use CND shellac and love it!! I don't find the need to use any other brand along side it as it fulfils every one of my clients needs when coming to natural nail care! With the CND shellac beginners...
  15. AmeliaR

    Brows company on This Morning using Barry M?

    Hmm I get lots of clients coming back to me regularly for HD brows. I find encouraging them to grow back missing bits to get the 'perfect' shape keeps them coming back and they have confidence in you. Fair enough you can do this in a normal brow shape but it's the brand people want. Same and...
  16. AmeliaR

    Brows company on This Morning using Barry M?

    I watched this screaming WTF at the telly!! They're shared it on there FB pages and I'm surprised no ones commented saying why hasn't she used any HD brow products!!!!! Crazy!!
  17. AmeliaR

    Natural nails - job title/description

    Why in training? Did you not pass your courses?? If so you are a qualified nail professional! Believe in yourself [emoji109] how do you expect your clients to if you don't? I offer every single treatment out there so my price list is like the yellow pages. However if you only offer a small...
  18. AmeliaR

    Best nail tech course?

    What are you wanting to offer? Manicures? Shellac? Enhancements?
  19. AmeliaR


    I love wearing tunics. I wouldn't think of anything worse than deciding what to wear on a morning. I also love my tunics even more as I got them in la beeby sale for £5 each! [emoji119][emoji119]
  20. AmeliaR

    Natural nails - job title/description

    Nail professional, then you can explain you're ' specialise' in natural nails [emoji6] not I only do natural nails!