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  1. Jeni Giles

    4 years to reach 1000

    I guess I'm not vocal enough...it's taken me 4 years and a few months to make it to my 1000th post. I've laughed, learned and made great friends in those 4 years, for me I've reached a milestone. For many this isn't monumental, it happens relatively quick. Others have reached the 10,000 mark...
  2. Jeni Giles

    Looking for recipes to make Custom CND colors

    My students once again are picking my brain and want more than it contains:eek: They would like some recipes for colors using the CND Bolds collection. I've shared the few I had to make a rose color, varied shades of lime greens and fushia. They want MORE!! Please, please help me out, I know...
  3. Jeni Giles

    Just for fun

    Just playing, keeping in line with the artistic flair thread. I thought I'd try a new shape to go with the capped bits and bobs. WAYYY out side of my normal cbm or french mani.
  4. Jeni Giles

    Competition Pictures are in FINALLY

    For those of you in the know, they're here and I posted them in a gallery on my profile. To those who have no clue about my competition, here's the low down. Every year in the spring we organise an inter school competition as a fundraiser for our local food bank. The categories are diverse...
  5. Jeni Giles

    What are you seeing as current eye make up trends?

    We are to the make up application section of our course, not such a bad place to be, I usually enjoy showing the students the different effects that can be done with the use of colors. Some of the girls are willing to try out different techniques, others it is like pulling teeth out of a...
  6. Jeni Giles

    To Glove or not to Glove???

    The question has sparked a debate, regluations not to be ignored, truly do you glove up prior to waxing or not. Our safety regulations do not require us to wear gloves- I however consider that I am a relatively smart individual that has my own and my clients health in the forefront so when...
  7. Jeni Giles

    Helpful Hints for Hair Extensions

    With all of the controversy and "debate" about which hair extensions are best I thought I might give some truely impartial advice that does not in anyway defame a paticular brand or company, but may help you choose what type of hair or extension may be the best to look into or learn. Where...
  8. Jeni Giles

    Hair Word 2008

    Chicago March 1-3 here's a link for more info OMC HairWorld Championships of Beauty I'm hoping to make it- depends on class load- I'm saving my pennies!
  9. Jeni Giles

    Hair Structure Part 3

    I've written about the layers of our hair, cuticle, cortex, and medulla. We've talked about how our hair grows, Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. I alluded to the effect of products on our hair. Before we can talk about that I have to tell about this..... pH scale or Potential Hydrogen scale- a tool...
  10. Jeni Giles

    Hair Structure Part 2

    Hair is more than just a pile of amino acids. The fibers of our hair are our crowning glory. Each individual strand has a structure and life of its own. The professional stylist learns everything possible about the intricacies of the strand... There are 3 basic stages hair grows through...
  11. Jeni Giles

    Best Products

    Hopefully I'm putting this post in the right place, and that it will be taken in the right spirit- education. This industry, all aspects of it are my passion. I've literally devoted my life to learning and improving our industry in any way I know how. Sincerely that is the intent of this thread-...
  12. Jeni Giles

    Inexpensive, fairly realistic practice hand

    Once again it is that time of year, my Nail Technology only class is in session and we are always struggling to find a good practice hand that is fairly realistic, inexpensive and approved by our examining board. Well, this year thanks to some very creative folks we have one. So far other than...
  13. Jeni Giles

    Student competition winners

    Take a gander at the gallery, I've posted my students work from competition, keep in mind these are students, some just about to graduate and others mid way through the program. I must say I'm VERY proud of my students, not sure what the total trophy count was but I know we had the majority...
  14. Jeni Giles

    Hair Structure

    Fingernails, Crab, Lobster, Clams, Sponges what do all of these things have in common with hair? THEIR STRUCTURE!! They all share a similar protein called Keratin. Keratin is one of 22 amino acids found in nature and one that hair messers and nail fixers play with on a daily basis. We all know...
  15. Jeni Giles

    Satin Smooth Wax

    At the AACS convention in Las Vegas we got samples of Satin Smooth Wax, they offer a full range of wax, hard, hot, cold, pot and roller. Is any one using this brand and could you give me more info about it, we would like to make some informed decisions before purchasing the entire line. It is...
  16. Jeni Giles

    Pivot Point is releasing a Nail Technology only text

    The Salon Fundamentals branch of Pivot Point international is launching their newest edition of texts to support the theoretical knowledge required by nail technicians. Their launch not only includes a student text and study guide with salon business chapters, safety and sanitation but a...
  17. Jeni Giles

    Help with ideas for student competitions

    We are having our 4th anniversary "Curl up 4the food bank" for the week, April 3-7 perms will be on special for $20.00 and we will be donating $1.00 for every perm done to our food bank. I usually do some kind of contest or team based activity to stress the importance of team work and client...
  18. Jeni Giles

    An article from Oprah to show our clients

    I got an email today from Paul Bryson, Scientist for OPI that really brightened my day, so I figured I would share it with you. He sent an article from Oprah Winfrey's magazine O the March issue about the harmful chemicals found in cosmetic products. It talked about lipstick, nail polish...
  19. Jeni Giles

    City of Peace and Glimmer

    Enhancements on my Mother, a confirmed picker and very abusive to her nails, whether enhanced or not. I chose city of peace from the metro collection CND and glimmer also CND with retention +. The difference I believe speaks for itself. Victoria, these are longer, just for you babe!!! My...
  20. Jeni Giles

    sculpted with city of angels and retention

    I took pity on a co worker and sculpted enhancements for her, just in time for brave day. It took me longer to figure out how to resize the image than it did to do the nails, thanks Ruth and Sandi for the patience while I was learning how to resize.