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  1. J

    Mix ratio?

    Hi Geeks Im looking for info on mix ratio! How to mix glitter and gel for total block out on zone 1 upto the smile line. Would like to get it right with Christmas coming soon for all the partie nights out...:confused: Also mix ratio with L&P to as I always buy pots already mixed but...
  2. J

    Help from Gel Geeks

    Hi All Has anyone tried the illusion soak off gel & what did you think?? Also anyone tried you use the illusion along side the balance gels and what was the result??:) Thanks geeks in advance xxx
  3. J

    La Tan

    Hi all Can anyone give me the web address for LA tan. I was on Nail art course today and one off the girls recommended it as a good one to try. Think I will try to see if I can get a sample....:)
  4. J

    Yell.com Business advert?

    Hi I would like to ask all you geeks out there on what you think of the yell.com business advert that you pay a sum off money for, which in return when people go on to search engines for mobile therepist you and so many other company's pop up for clients to call.... Do any off you geeks use...
  5. J

    Yell.com Business advert?

  6. J

    Where to start in opening up own buisness??

    Hi All I'm a mobile beautician and nail tech and hate going out in the cold and wet weather but love what I do.... I have played with the idea for over a year on opening my own salon.... But my question is where do you start and what type off cost is involved in setting up:confused:.... I...
  7. J

    Red underarms after waxing

    Hi had a client just text me after having her underarms waxed thismorning and she has complained her underarms are sore and red and ased if there is anything she can put on them....:cry: I have never had this problem before is there anything I can advise her to used??:confused: Thanks in...
  8. J

    Opaque Gels?

    Hi All Can anyone advise me if NSI do an Opaque Gel? If not is can colours be mixed to make an opaque colour? And what colours would be best for diffrent skin types?? Thanks in advance all you geeks:) xx
  9. J

    PHD Waving system

    Hi All you Waxing Geeks Do any of you geeks use the PHD waxing system and what are your thoughts on it. Would you recommend it as a good system? Thanks all:) xxx
  10. J

    Reusable Forms

    Hi all Has anyone used the reusable forms? Are they better than the paper ones and can they be used for gel enhancements? the paper once are so sticky and I sometimes have problems getting them in correct position. :confused: Any advise would be greatly appreciated geeks:) xx
  11. J

    Teenage pamper parties

    Hi All Need advise on teenage pamper parties! What to offer, time and price for treatments below?? Consent forms been given for parents signature & permission on all treatment provided... Mini Facial File and Polish Fingers File and Polish Toes Spray tans Eyebrow wax Eyelash tints Any...
  12. J

    Waxing info

    Hi Geeks I have been asked to wax a guy's legs for comic relief but I havent waxed a guys legs before. Would I need to use a oil or talc on the legs before I wax him or just get right in there??:) Thanks in advance x
  13. J

    CND Brisa Conversion....

    Hi I completed my CND Brisa conversion Yesterday, It was great.. The Brisa is a dream to work with and Filling is so easy.. My trainer was The best.... Wee Fee she knows her stuff and explains everyting perfectly... Just though I would share with you all how happy I am with CND... :):) xx
  14. J

    Magic Wand from Young Nails..

    Hi ALL Has anyone bought the magic wand from Young Nails and what are your thoughts on it? Is it worth the money?? I have been looking for something similiar that pinches the nail enhancements at the side wall to give me a better C Curve.. Are they anthing like this out there from other...
  15. J

    Looking for Canadian Nail Tech jobs

    Hi all you Canadian Geeks Looking for help please..... Im trying to move out to canada new brunswick moncton area this year :).. Need help in finding nail tech job... I trained with NSI and completed conversion course with CND on L&P. my brisa conversion course with CND is booked for the...
  16. J

    Looking for Canadian Nail Tech jobs

  17. J

    You may be entitled to more money!!!!

    Hi All sorry that its i bit short notice but you may be entiled to more through Tax Credits... Read Below.. Any questions welcome.. Or call no just to make Sure... :) EASi - Money Matters Tax Credits Rebate Millions of pounds are owed to UK parents and families!! The year before tax credits...
  18. J

    Brush cleaning? Best Method

    Hi all L&P brush. I have noticed that one off my bushes when dipped in the monomer and wiping to get air bubbles out before application, it has started to look yellow when you wipe monomer of brush...:cry: ( its my fav brush to) What causes this and how can you prevent this?? :grr: Best way...
  19. J

    Konad Stamp kits

    Hi All Does anyone out there use these stamp kits?? :confused: Are they a damand for this type of nail art?? What type of polish or acrlic paint would you use and would you have to seal them with a gloss?? Does anyone have any pics of nails with nail art that I can have a look at and would...
  20. J

    Looking for part-time work or consider renting a room...

    Hi I'm looking for part-time work in a beautician/ hair dressers or would consider renting a room. Im a mobile beautican and nail technician. I love doing my job but fedup out and about all hours of the day and the weather is getting be down.. lol :irked:. I would love set part-time employment...