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    Estemio or Magpie

    He Guys, I’m debatting between buying Magpie or Estemio. I”m leaning towards estemio and was wondering if someone has tried this brand. How long did the nails last, are they as pigmented as on the video? Since i’m doing nail art. Please let me know
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    Akzentz, The Gel Bottle, Magpie Beauty?

    He everyone I want to buy some colors from 1 brand. Now I am only doubting between akzentz, the gelbottle and magpie beauty. From both i hear mixs reviews. What is most important to me is that the gelpolish is incredibly pigmented and that I can also do nail art with it and stays on. What do you...
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    CND Shellac chips

    Yes i am but i didn' t bought the lamp because i just had a new 36w lamp.
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    CND Shellac chips

    He i just try out cnd shellac but with out buffing my nails and then scrubfresh cnd shellac chip. What i am i doing wrong? I is use an 36w light and cure the base for 1m then color 1m at least cnd shellac express5 top for 1m. But still i can easily peel the gel off.
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    Experience with Essie gel polish

    He i was wondering if some one here have any experience with the essie gel polish? I would love to hear some reviews about the polishes. So i can decide of im going to buy them.
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    Fluff when applying my gel

    I have a problem when i'm applying gel i always get fluff on the nail/gel. I'm trying to clean my brush realy good but it don't help. Have someone a tip?