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    But what about our safety?

    Here in the US there has been concerning news the past few days about states beginning to reopen and going against scientists warnings. Georgia, which is a state right next to mine is going to be reopening for estheticians, barbers, etc. in only three days. And the forums here are predominantly...
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    But what about our safety?

    I know I can’t be the only esthetician/lash artist who is fearful to be going back to work anytime soon. Lots of people come across as being eager to return to work on here and I understand that as estheticians we have to work to live, but at what cost? No one is addressing the safety of the...
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    How many businesses are closing due to Coronavirus?

    I’d really appreciate some advice! I sent out a mass text and email to my clients announcing I was going to be closed until further notice a week ago, and I still have clients messaging me about coming in for their lashes. I try to explain that I’m not comfortable working since my mother (whom I...