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    Creative Induction course?

    Hi all, I think this is the right course for me, but thought i'd just check with you lovely geeks! I completed my VTCT Level 2 Nail Enhancements last summer but haven't been doing nails as a job (main job has been office work) but now want to start. Seeing as i qualified a year ago that means...
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    Should i go for it?

    Hi there geeks! I've been away from the forums for a while but I'm back and i'm after some advice please - i know it's cheeky but i hope you all don't mind :o ! I've just moved house and so am 'between jobs', and i've been offered the chance to set up a nail desk in my hairdressers salon. My...
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    Hello again!

    Hi there geeks, just a quick post to check back in again with you all. It's been a while since I posted on here mainly because I've had the worst year of my life to date (I lost my uncle earlier in the year to cancer, my Granma has had two bad falls breaking her arm twice, and now I'm being...
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    Advice on getting salon experience?

    Please help me! I'm hoping somebody on here can give me some advice - I'm a bit confused! I'm qualified in waxing, mani, pedi and now nail extensions and would really like to do mobile beauty & nails at some point. I think I'd like to gain some salon experinece first though, to learn from a...
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    Walking a marathon in my bra!

    Hi there geeks - I'm doing the Playtex Moonwalk on June 18th and would be really grateful for your sponsorship! I'm doing what they call the 'full moon' which is a marathon length walk(yep, 26.2 miles!) around the streets of London, starting at midnight on Saturday 18 June - and all in my...
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    Looks like a crack in my acrylic, but it isn't?

    Hi geeks, hope you can help me (yet again!) - I'm doing my VTCT Nail Extensions course at the moment, and trying to get to grips with applying the acrylic in three zones, but I seem to sometimes get a line, that looks like a crack (sort of) in the acrylic, and I am fairly certain it's the line...
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    Tiny air bubbles in acrylic?

    Hi geeks, hope some of you can help me. My tutor did a demo on me last Saturday and I've noticed some tiny bubbles that look like teensy weensy air bubbles in the acrylic. I practised on myself too (did a couple of pink & white, and a couple clear) and there seems to be the same - are they...
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    My first ladies night! Help!

    Don't know what I've let myself in for so hoping for some top tips and advice from the geeks! I've got a ladies night at a local primary school on 20 April, it runs from 7 - 9.30pm. I'm offering mini mani's and pedi's, and maybe some simple nail art plus taking some retail stock. I've got...
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    OMG - how many muscles in the body?

    Hi geeks - just wondering if anyone has an ingenious way of remembering the names/locations/etc. of the muscles in the body - we've just covered the muscular system in my VTCT massage level 3 diploma and my brain's quit on me! Thanks for any help you can give! x
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    Advice on what massage couch to buy please!

    Geeks - please help me! I'm just about to invest in a portable massage couch and before I do, I thought I'd ask the trusty geeks for some help. Here are my questions: I've seen one with wooden legs rather than metal legs and I prefer the look of it to be honest, but I'm wondering whether...
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    VTCT Nail Technology

    Just wondering if anyone is doing this course right now - I'm not starting it until Feb & want to know what's covered (impatient spice!) - e.g. am I going to learn acrylic, gel and fibreglass techniques or concentrate on one of these? Thanks for any help geeks! xxx
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    Sanitisation/Sterilisation - what do you do?

    Hi geeks - I'm in the early stages of thinking about buying equipment etc. for starting up a mobile/home based salon early next year and I've got a bit stuck about what to do re sanitising nail tools etc. Don't know whether I need a hot air cabinet/UV cabinet/autoclave/barbicide - etc! I don't...
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    Paraffin Wax treatments

    Geeks - I'm learning about this at college next week and it got me wondering: a) how many of the geeks offer this service? b) Is it popular? c) How much extra do I charge for a paraffin wax manicure/pedicure as opposed to a standard one? d) Is it good to buy a wax heater just for paraffin, or go...
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    Another waxing question - about PhD

    Geeks - last week lots of people recommended the PhD system, which I'm probably going to invest in soon, but for now I've got another question! Last night at college we did bikini lines (ouch!) but it made me wonder whether there are various sizes of applicator heads, so that you can roll out...
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    Which waxing system - anyone recommend one?

    I've completed four out of 14 weeks of my waxing course, and am starting to price up buying a waxing system in the next couple of months, and was wondering if any of you geeks offered waxing, and if so, which system would you recommend? We're using the traditional pot and spatula method at...
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    2 weeks off - anything happen while I was gone?

    Hi there - I've just come back after having two glorious weeks off work (to use up my annual leave!) so couldn't log on, just wondered whether anything exciting happened while I was away? Any goss would be well appreciated! xxx
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    'Creative Student Kit'

    Hi peeps - I'm starting a nail technology course soon and the college have just told us that our kits are going to be Creative Student Kits - does anyone know what's included in them? Getting excited! xxx
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    Prof Nails mag (again!)

    Sorry to repeat this (it seems to crop up every month from what i can see!) but I haven't received an August issue yet this month - is there one or am I worrying unnecessarily? xxx
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    Pre-Airbrushed Tips?

    Hi - has anyone used those pre-designed airbrushed tips you can buy? I'm considering getting some but not sure if they're any good or not? Thanks for any help! xxx
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    OSNS - Where are they?

    Folks - I'm wondering where the One Stop Nail Shops are located - I just don't know whether there's one near me or not? I'm in Bristol! Thanks for anyone's help!