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    Problem with chair landlord

    Thank you both x this is very reassuring x
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    Problem with chair landlord

    Hello geeks! I have just had a ride of a morning... I'm not sure what to do because I'm scared the salon owner who treated me poorly enough to make me leave will badmouth me to my old clients I really rely on word of mouth. I contacted whom I could but obv that's not everyone... This morning...
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    Job searches

    Thank you so much this is great advice! This plan really helped alleviate some anxiety around this xxx
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    Job searches

    Hello, I was just wondering if as a salon owner would you ever think it a massive faux pass if someone walked in when you aren't visibly hiring to inquire about work? Obviously cv and portfolio ready. Or would it be better to send emails with attachments and links to social media? At the...
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    Possible to create definitive list of meds that affect nail enhancements?

    Anyone on heparin, warfarin, or fondaparinux will be a bleeder. Anyone on iron is likely to have anaemia which weakens nails, chemo interrupts cell division and disrupts nail growth, levothyroxine is given to people with thyroid issues which affect nails in the first place. Here is a list of...
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    Students opinions home salons

    I'm paranoid as heck and would worry it was in someone's house upstairs for nefarious purposes but that's just me o_O
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    Cats eyes gel polish

    Apres has a gel cat eye called hypnogel, I've not tried it myself but it looks gorgeous x
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    Gems suppliers?

    Thank you the range looks great
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    Gems suppliers?

    What gem retailer do you recommend for quite small, flat gems? I'm looking for something that would be nice especilly near the cuticles and side walls. I really hate bulky gems there...
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    New Skills Academy?

    Question for educators: I'm super confused about places like new skills academy offering nail tech qualifications for £25. I even cheekily messaged them if you can get insured after their course and they said that yes, through Westminster Indemnity. I can't imagine this being any solid...