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    Uv Lamp bulbs

    are these universal? i am selling my lamp and have been asked where they can buy replacement bulbs from and i know they cant get them off calgel unless theyre certified does anyone know if other any companies you all use sell them? thanks everyone :) collette
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    children nail parties - what age???

    hi everyone hope your all well :D im considering adding these young girl nail parties to my services what age would you recommend putting tham from-till? Also does anyone actually find that they make a good profit from these parties?? thanks guys :D
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    Pilot gel pens?

    hi everyone :) just curious of these gel pens people are using for nail art. How long do they last and what do you use over them just top coat or gel???? Is there any disadvantages with them? Would love to hear your opinions on them Collette
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    cleaning brushes

    hi everyone as a kind of follow up from the storing brushes post i just wondered what do you all use to clean your brushes? I do gel nails and was always told to just wipe it with a lint wipe after use but im not convinced tihs is cleaning it properly? Also the chlorispray some poeple have...
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    Hello all :0)

    hi all just wanted to say hi to everyone ive just joined up on here have been on this site loads of times reading the tutorials but never noticed this area!! too engrossed in the tutorials i imagine! Im collette and live in cumbria, uk (born and bred in manchester though). Been a nail tech...