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  1. pretty-in-pink

    Psychic/mediums/readings etc?

    I go to a spiritual church every Wednesday and Sunday they have medium that work in different ways and got to say it's made a change to my life hearing from loved ones that have passed over some aren't as good as others but it's all interesting ☺
  2. pretty-in-pink

    Lashes-strip/individual same as SP?

    Hi everyone quick question I did strip lashes and individual lashes at college is this the same as semi permanent? Thanks
  3. pretty-in-pink

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Just basic barry m polish just starting to get more into the nail side of beauty so thought I would try something different than a plain basic colour on my feet! ☺
  4. pretty-in-pink

    Removing glue bonds

    What i learnt in my training is you put the solution on the glue bond then use the hair extension pliers to crush the bond so it weakens then it should become loose then should be able to slide it off ☺
  5. pretty-in-pink

    Hourly rate at spas such as Simpsons or Eden Hall

    I doubt she would get £12 a hour when I used to work at Eden hall a couple of years ago I think the wage was just over £7 and then it was commission, and to be fair I didn't like working there a lot of double standards and bitchyness and your face has to fit which clearly mine didn't so they...
  6. pretty-in-pink


    No blessings not having surgery due to self harming they don't think she's mentally stable enough... And her mums fount her that should be interesting
  7. pretty-in-pink

    Wedding hair

    Hi thabks for the replies true but I didnt want to charge too much but thats gave me a few ideas thankyou Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  8. pretty-in-pink

    Wedding hair

    Hi all my friend is wanting me to do her wedding party hairs do you charge for a trial and how much would you charge for bride, and 3 bridesmaids hair up? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  9. pretty-in-pink

    Micro ring/loop hair extensions

    Hi everyone I'm a level 2 qualified hairdresser and qualified to carry out balmain pre bonded hair extensions, but would I be able to carry out the micro ring/loop hair extensions without training?
  10. pretty-in-pink

    Konad-all you need to know and your favourite pics!

    Finally got my konad set gonna have a play tomorrow and make my toes look beautiful as I got an interview lol
  11. pretty-in-pink

    Wanted beauty job in Grantham,Newark, Lincoln or nottingham

    I'm looking for beauty vacancies around the areas of Grantham,Newark, Lincoln, Nottingham. I hold a full uk driving licence so travelling isn't a problem I'm looking for full time work but would consider part time to start with. I can email a cv which outlines my work experience and...
  12. pretty-in-pink

    How can I make a beauty Facebook page?

    With a group you just tell people to join or you can add them in so much easier :)
  13. pretty-in-pink

    How can I make a beauty Facebook page?

    I've made a business page and also a group, the group works better than the like page in my opinion :)
  14. pretty-in-pink

    Training with Essential Nails

    I would of loved to train with Cnd but my funds was low and I didn't have the time to take to go travel to do a course so I had to settle for en...yes sometimes I wish I had waited and spent ages saving up but the en course suits me as I'd have to travel miles away if I wanted to do a Cnd course.
  15. pretty-in-pink

    Price lists

    Thanks everyone it's hard to know what to charge I did a rough price list basing it on what people were charging but may have to redo it as things change....so much competition out there
  16. pretty-in-pink

    Training with Essential Nails

    By doing an en course doesn't make u a crap nail tech it's based on the individual's and how well they learn and if there willing to take the time to learn...I think that's a bit harsh that your branding people who do the course as I've known people to produce high standard nails from doing a en...
  17. pretty-in-pink

    Price lists

    Hey everyone what do you charge for your treatments? I've got a few prices in mind but family say I'm not charging enough and being too cheap so if I could have some insight on what people are charging Thanks
  18. pretty-in-pink

    Lost Elemis Training booklet and flash cards

    Can't you request one from Elemis? I have one but I need mine else I would of gave you it! X
  19. pretty-in-pink

    Beauty Therapy & Hairdressing

    Hey I do both, I get my clients for hair and beauty I'm currently only doing treatments on family and friends but it can make you money :) I prefer beauty to hair though I feel it's more relaxing
  20. pretty-in-pink

    Tanning hints and tips tutorial

    Oh lol silly me I've got a little diagram but it would of been nice to see if it was different