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    Behind closed door appointments, how to deal with the requests!

    To be honest I wouldn’t imagine that these lockdown illegals will be supported by clients once business reopens. They’re the same sort of people that shop around for Groupon deals. I’ve got a few clients that I’m definitely not looking to rebook when we reopen. I’m rehearsing that conversation!
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    Behind closed door appointments, how to deal with the requests!

    If these enquiries are from new to you clients “flip it” in your head. Assume these are journalists or “Covid police” looking to catch people out. It’s called entrapment- but it happens. this will take a lot of your anxiety away. Just think “ha, ha, you can’t fool me, how stupid do you think...
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    Insufficient training?

    Yes Trinity, there are many threads where I seem to have had the last word and the poster hasn’t acknowledged my reply to their question. All they need to do is like my post and I’m happy. I notice that a lot of recently trained therapists are very defensive if they feel slighted in any way...
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    Positive Covid test

    Trinity, I’m so sorry. Do let us know how you are doing and thank you for sharing your symptoms. I must admit I’ve revised my “stay away” Covid protocols to include the World Health Organisation symptoms which include mouth ulcers, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, feeling tired and general...
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    Beauty services working from summer house?

    https://www.salongeek.com/threads/log-cabin-shed-etc-salon-set-ups.231263/ In this forum, pinned near the top is the place to start. 13 pages of inspiration. Learning to do your own research is a critical skill in business. There’s all sorts of new things to learn about. Happy browsing.
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    How long between lash lifts?

    Lashes have a growth cycle of 12 weeks. So after 4 weeks approx 1/3 of her longest lashes will have shed and they’ll be few stumpy short lashes that will be coming through, softening the original effect. if you lift every 6 weeks this will be a maximum of twice in the life of a lash at the...
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    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Love it...wish you were closer to me.,!!
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    Looking for advice, working from home

    Welcome Cookiedog (this is a great way to learn about your clients businesses, well done on your initiative.). Yes it was a shock. People are getting desperate. Thank god I don’t take cash!
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    Closing my salon to set up from home

    Good point Cookiedog12. It’s a massive fire risk. I have a bit of a horror of fire. My parents house burnt down when I was 21, the whole family were devastated - and their next door neighbours who became homeless as well. Fire is devastating. You lose precious mementoes that can never be...
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    Looking for advice, working from home

    Cookiedog12 is new here but s/he has raised a very important point. As a former Insurance broker myself I can say that very few policies will cover both your business and home needs properly on one policy and there’s a possibility that your home insurance is invalid if your insurance company...
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    Wax & lash lift set up help

    I’d separate the waxing from the lashlifting and buy an extra blue black tint and activator to keep with your lashlifting kit. IKEA do some nice lidded boxes where the lid is set down inside a recess so there is a lip surrounding the lid/tray bit. Place some couch roll on your lid and then...
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    Closing my salon to set up from home

    8 by 8 is a bit small. Do you know the measurements of your old place? Don’t forget that you’ll need to be Covid secure so allow a bit extra otherwise it will feel too small to be safe. you need to measure very carefully the size of everything that you’ll have in your salon and create a life...
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    Feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and like a thief!

    Talk to your Landlord and check your lease. Can you walk away with no more liability? If yes, Ask him if he wants the premises back to rent to someone else. If he says yes, move out and worry about new premises when it’s ok to restart. You’re bound to find somewhere you can rent by the day...
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    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Chriss87. This sounds fabulous. It’s the sort of thing I’d have loved to do but I didn’t have the capital. There is a problem to being too small, Unfortunately the industry doesn’t train managers and there is very little expertise or understanding. Mostly you need a hospitality manager who...
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    Podiatry assistant

    Hi Julia-Anne Foot care specialist roles are going down the same route that injectables have gone down - very soon, unless you have trained as a health care specialist you won’t be permitted to work independently. I’d do an awful lot of research before handing over any cash. Have you thought...
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    Advice for expanding your business

    Who’se going to run/manage your main salon whilst you are setting up the second (or vice versa)? You want your team jumping at the chance to show you what they can do when you’re not around. Try reducing your days in your main salon in preparation to work on other projects. Monitor the KPI’s...
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    Covid case - one staff member

    Yes Covid safety is challenging. I felt that I couldn’t take the reputation risk of having staff/me spread Covid. Unfortunately my salon is narrow and there are pinch points in the common areas. I practised with my daughter (we’re in a support bubble) and we realised how difficult it would be...
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    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Tog, I’ve also seen the bad attitude you mention in the beauty world. It’s not uncommon and it’s exhausting. I had a friend who dared to work only 5/6 days a week in her salon and her staff just took the mik on the day they knew she wouldn’t be in. Opening late, not being in uniform, poor...
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    Covid case - one staff member

    Hi Kelzo I feel for you in tier 4. For what it’s worth I’ve got no bookings in tier 3 and I can’t claim any grant compensation so we’re not much better off. regarding your question, my understanding is that it’s a case of one out all out. I’ve been told that our PPE etc won’t be accepted by...
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    Trainer training

    Well, if you want to work for a college in the future, you might want to have experienced their education and in particular, their train the trainer education. Maybe contact lecturers working there and ask them where/how they trained. If they didn’t train at the college that they worked for...