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  1. Popart

    Critique Critique gel nails

    I think these are lovely. The photos aren't the best so can't get a closer look. But from what I can see, there definitely aren't any problems. Would you like to go through your application process?
  2. Popart

    Dust collector

    Hi everyone, Happy New year to you all. The news tonight is draining yet again. I am on the hunt for a new extractor dust collector. I got a cheap one and it really isn't good. I was looking at TAFS, I would love this so much, but scared to make a big payment with how things are at the moment...
  3. Popart

    Information on body wraps

    Can I ask how much you would charge also? Obviously I will need to do training on this lol xx
  4. Popart

    Information on body wraps

    Yes I was looking into that! Sounds amazing! Thank u for ur responses xx
  5. Popart

    Information on body wraps

    Hey geeks! I'm looking into body wraps at the moment for inch loss! There is so many out there! Does any professionals use any that they can recommend? There is one's I have been looking at, the timings all vary! Example: one says to leave on 6/8 hours, another 20 mins then 60 mins...
  6. Popart

    Name with "brown" in the title?

    I have the perfect name! I didng look through ur 2nd page of replies so hope it hasn't been said before. What about *baby be brown * I love it lol
  7. Popart

    Birthday discounts

    Times are hard enough, I would use ur lowest treatment. Say a free eyebrow wax. Make ur money, don't give it away. Start as u mean to go on. I learnt the hard way. Think of urself. End of the day they are coming to u cause they like u.
  8. Popart

    Black European wax

    Read on the internet about thus black wax by merdrid. Looks amazing and I did email her but no response. Anyone here of it or are using it?
  9. Popart

    Gel polish problem

    Hey guys I have a problem with the gelish french manicure. Some people get a week, some 2/3. However my block colours last 3 weeks. The french is chipped easier I think. I have been qualified for 2 years. I know it could be the aftercare, just wondering has anyone had the same problem?
  10. Popart

    Pharo sugar wax - anyone tried it?

    Never used this product. I was doing research on sugar wax which led me to making my own. It is so simple and easy. Look youtube
  11. Popart

    Non surgical facelift

    Are u qualified to use this?
  12. Popart

    Breached contract

    Thank you
  13. Popart

    Has anyone got a staff contract?

    I have one but it is paper back. I got mines done for free through the labour agency if this helps. Any questions please ask.
  14. Popart

    Breached contract

    Lol nice one
  15. Popart

    Breached contract

    Yeah I took all bills into consideration also. Thanks everyone for ur support means a lot and thank goodness I can talk to u all regarding this. There will defo be court proceedings. The EGO building will look for all statements belonging to us all. My brother and father share the same name. The...
  16. Popart

    Beauty teaching qualifications

    Good luck xx
  17. Popart

    Breached contract

    Well we handed in our months notice today. We said we went to him several times asking to reduce the rent slightly on quiet periods he replied 200 is cheap enough I could get that building filled tomorrow. Obviously he doesnt give a damn. We can't go bankrupt as we have no assets or monies at...
  18. Popart

    Beauty teaching qualifications

    Most people look for the experience of 3 years and to do ur hnc hand u need 3 years experience as this more to do with spa and business. Lecturers can upgrade anytime. I could go and do my assessors award without doing my hnc or hand but that means I can only teach below my qualifications...
  19. Popart

    Breached contract

    Thank you. Only thing is we are changing premises and need our name. If I sold everything this would mean I have to start buying everything from scratch. So heavy heartening. I just want to throw the towel in and leave for good. The only reason we are leaving is because the building is so...
  20. Popart

    Beauty teaching qualifications

    I know can u can do your level 3 alongside your HNC but this is in Belfast. I am finishing off modules now in my level 3 to do my HNC' HND and assessors award. Takes 3/4 years. This is in northern Ireland mind u but I can't see it any different. Good luck