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  1. HairbyJess

    Behind closed door appointments, how to deal with the requests!

    I received 2 such phone calls just this morning... I'm afraid my response is more along the lines of: "I'm currently not working due to the fact hairdressing is currently illegal and not to mention dangerous and I prefer to stay on the right side of the law, so sorry but no." Is there somewhere...
  2. HairbyJess

    Sitting out the virus

    Around end of october I started getting very nervous about working and feeling very unsafe, and seriously stated contemplating hibernating until it was all over. Personally I thought no amount of PPE is going to protect me if I'm spending 3 hours in the stuffy home and personal space of someone...
  3. HairbyJess

    Split toenails

    Hi I'm a hairdresser so have practically no idea about nails hence this post! I have an issue with my toenails that I've always just accepted as normal to myself (thanks for the wierd toenail genes Dad 😂) but as time goes on starting to question whether it is normal... I've attatched 2 pics of...
  4. HairbyJess

    Hair bleach/tint advice

    As Ronray said in his post, the likelihood of it being the olaplex is extremely low. Olaplex is a bond repair treatment, and is not damaging. As has been mentioned in this thread, there is a host of factors - heat damage, application of product, type of lightener, hormones, environmental factors...
  5. HairbyJess

    Recommendation for salon towels

    Bath sheets from the same ranges? Maybe they'd be big enough?
  6. HairbyJess

    Recommendation for salon towels

    I'm mobile and my towels are just normal hand towels from Tesco. I got them when they were on offer (£2 each) and they are still super soft. I've had a ton of comments from clients on how soft and nice they are in fact. I wash them using fabric softener as well as detergent and always dry in...
  7. HairbyJess

    It started with a name?

    Majestic beauty? What were your ideas?
  8. HairbyJess

    Split ender pro?

    What about using the twist method? Take a small section, twist tightly and take off the split ends that come out of the twist? I've never tried it but my old boss used to do it on all her clients who just wanted a trim
  9. HairbyJess

    Best shoes for hairdressers?

    Yeah I get them custom fitted in orthopedics and then made according to the molds of my feet. That said I've got diagnosed issues, don't think you could just walk in and ask for custom insoles 😂
  10. HairbyJess

    Best shoes for hairdressers?

    That's hilarious 😂 Yes definitely have a look, here is a pic of mine (The pale things are the insoles, not the actual shoe)
  11. HairbyJess

    Best shoes for hairdressers?

    I have hospital insoles for my collapsed insteps, which have made buying shoes an absolute pain over the years... hardly anything has enough depth at the back to fit without my foot slipping out. Until I discovered Pavers.... They are AMAZING. I have a pair of Pavers Loretta shoes that are...
  12. HairbyJess

    Matrix toner

    Sorry if I came over a bit harsh, I didn't mean to offend, sorry. I think I could have put that more kindly, my bad. ☺ All the best with your friend's hair and for taking your last exams ☺
  13. HairbyJess

    Matrix toner

    Your quote: "I’m going to do a balayage on a friend I have the toner. Am I mixing it with 20 volume and putting it all over the hair?" Really? No way should you use 20 vol with matrix colour sync. It's a specialised 2.7% developer designed for colour sync only. And the toner goes on the...
  14. HairbyJess

    Matrix toner

    Matrix toners are in their colour sync range. These are standard demi colour that get mixed with their own developer (2.7%, very important to use the matrix developer). They are used as normal demis, could be applied all over with a nozzle bottle or bowl and brush, they are exactly same...
  15. HairbyJess

    How much do you pay your level 2 & level 3 qualified staff?

    From the perspective of someone who has been through this before going self employed... please pay your stylists according to their work not age. An 18yr old L3 who does the same work as a 26 yr old L3 should be paid the same I think. My personal experience when I worked in a salon: L2 (17 yrs...
  16. HairbyJess

    Best shampoo & conditioner?

    Ah that makes sense. I use Matrix Total results range, they have a matching shampoo and conditioner for a variety of hair types and styling goals, I believe the current range available in the UK at the moment is: Moisture me rich Colour obsessed Hello blondie (Super gentle) High amplify Keep me...
  17. HairbyJess

    Best shampoo & conditioner?

    Hi can I ask your profile seems to indicate that you're only 14... are you referring to your business or are you genuinely 14? Because if so I'm amazed as the NHBF clearly state you can't be get a qualifictaion to provide hair or beauty services until you're 16, and for some services, 18.
  18. HairbyJess

    Keeping tint brushes clean during a service?

    Also if you have too much colour on your brush you can scrape it against the lip of the bowl to push it down to the tips of the bristles. My tutor always used to stress that cleaner the brush, the more precise the application. So basically if you have a ton of product all over the brush it is...
  19. HairbyJess

    Patch testing purple shampoo

    Hi everyone, So just going through some of my equipment (disinfecting after my last client on Wednesday evening as was too busy yesterday 😪) and as I'm wiping my bottle of purple shampoo I glance at the usage instructions and it says you should do a parch test 48 hours prior to use! I have...
  20. HairbyJess

    Help please, perm didn't go to plan!

    Thank you ronray and vivdamnesia for your replies. I went to see her today and was able to resolve it with her. Thanks ronray for the reassurance, it helped me feel confident to explain that there was nothing else I could have done. Yes vividamnesia I did end up giving her a goodwill partial...