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  1. mandy78

    Waxing during pregnancy

    Hi my neice has asked me to wax her upper legs and also do her a Brazilian. I’m kim lawless trained so wouldnnormally start the Brazilian off on all fours. However, just wondering if It’s safe to have her on all fours or if you think it would be better for me to have her on her back elevated...
  2. mandy78

    Replacement lid for Hive heater

    i have two single Hive heaters and one developed a crack not long after starting to use it. The crack has now become considerably worse and I need a new one. Where would I be able to get a replacement lid from? Thanks
  3. mandy78

    Portable steamer replacement bulb

    hi I have a table top portable facial steamer it has the code F100 on the front of it and I am trying to find a replacement ozone bulb as it has gone out on it. I have contacted various beauty suppliers all of which can not help me as they don't stock bulbs even though they stick the same kind...
  4. mandy78

    Rubber hose/pickup pipe

    Hi, when i purchased my spray tan machine from Senna X, they gave me a spare rubber hose that picks up the solution from the pot. Anyway I was wondering is there a set time when this hose should be changed? as the one i have in their has been fine so far (touch wood) but i have had it a couple...
  5. mandy78

    Blue eyebrows

    Can't believe it! Daughter just asked me to tint her eyebrows. Because they went too red the last time I did them I decided to do chestnut with the tinest of red added. They came out blue why would that be? I used refectocil colour and just don't understand how the colours can be blue? Any...
  6. mandy78

    Storage of tan

    Hi i cant remember from my training it was so long ago and normally i empty any unused tan back into the bottle but i only have about 30ml left and then i have to start a new bottle so was wondering if i kept the tan in the gun cannister would that be a bad thing. I have more tans to do next...
  7. mandy78

    Looking for eyelash extension therapist hertfordshire/essex area

    Hi, am looking for someone to do my lashes. My exisiting guy has gone on to pastures new so i am lost. I have been having my extensions done for three years now and am living in Bishops Stortford area which is in Hertfordshire but right on the Essex border. So would love to hear from you if you...
  8. mandy78

    spray tan

    Hi, one of my clients was booked in for a tan Thursday evening as she has a party friday and saturday night. She has now phoned to day she has another party to attend Thursday night. She can not come on Wednesday to have her tan done but can come early Thursday morning, with the intention of...
  9. mandy78

    level 3 facial electrics

    I started my training many years ago through the massage route so did all my massage, Indian head, Aroma, reflexology etc then worked quite a while and thought i would like to do a nice facial so was told i had to do the full level 2 beauty which i did. I would now like to do electrical facials...
  10. mandy78

    Metal Spatulas

    Where can i buy the metal Spatulas for waxing. Can only seem to find companys in the US and Australia advertising them . Thanks
  11. mandy78

    special offers

    Am doing my Sienna X training soon and will need to buy some more supplies onced i am fully trained as the kit i purchased at olympia had just a starter pack with it. Was wondering does anyone know if its worth waiting to get my extra kit at the training due to special prices etc or should i...
  12. mandy78

    Bad toe nail

    Would like some advice please about what i should or could do with my toe nail. Did the moon walk in March and both toe nails were left exceptionally bruised they have gone through many colours of brusiing in the last few months and i regularly give myself a pedi but yesterday looked down at my...
  13. mandy78

    Spray tanning machine

    I am trying to purchase a spray tanning machine, tent etc and am getting more and more confused. My friend uses the T200 along with sienna x which i think is great but when i have been searching the Maxi Mist 5008 Pro Spray Tan Machine keeps coming up so was wondering which one is the best in...