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  1. jenny

    Lips tattooed

    Hiya They sound fab please follow the after care instructions...regarding UV/makeup/healing process etc we do not live in a sterile take care of you lips the swelling should be very little after a couple of hrs...lips take around 2-4wks to heal dependant on age etc...
  2. jenny


    Thank you melissa gated communitys do have quite alot of charges..but its more attractive to us for holiday lets my hubby does clay shooting at the Air Base..he use to competition shoot against Las vegas Police and Fire service We have hired cars in the past and had a good old scoot...
  3. jenny


    Hello melissa How fantastic...i love love love the place What part did you live and what part do your family live? We are in love with Henderson, we are looking for a gated community with pool/spa/gym and clubhouse up to $300,000 Single family or town house not fussy(3 bedroom if...
  4. jenny

    Spanish Geeks

    Hi spain, you lucky lot, just sad i'm not with you:cry: I was wondering if any of you could help on this question I am looking for..sold in Spain in was told disposable razor with a safety guard on the blade? any suggestions jenx
  5. jenny


    Hi Vanessa I have completed the course today We will have another visit from the company who trained us next month, they will attend our first clinic either models that we supply or paying clients then they decide who gets the cert to practise How much did you pay for you equipment...
  6. jenny


    Hiya Geeks Sorry this is not related to our world of skin, hair and nails Have any of you geeks brought a holiday home/property in the USA Hubby and I are looking for a holiday home in luvly warm Nevada (Las Vegas) do you have any points to look out for when deciding on property...
  7. jenny


    HIYA Yes it seems very good..on my training at the moment its alot hotter and seems to be more aggresive than IPL Ive had a treatment today..i have to say its not as bad as i thought it would be do you part share or own your own machine? do you do IPL IPL is better at some things...
  8. jenny

    I'm getting married! - My wedding Website! - Take a look!

    Hiya CONGRATULATIONS!! you both look soooo yummy together the very best of luck jenx
  9. jenny


    Hiya Have any of you geeks had LHE training(light Heat Energy) hair Reduction/Skin Rejuvenation/Live Acne/Psoriasis Its like IPl(intense pulse light) but its Light and Heat combination If so what are your feelings towards these treatments..what results have you had Jenx
  10. jenny

    What Is The Real Name Of Your Business Or Your Own Name: Anagrams

    Hiya My Name Jenny Mosley Enjoy Sly Men Jenx
  11. jenny

    Electrolysis - The only proven method of permanent hair removal ?

    permanent ipl hair removal you can have hair growth return with hormone inbalance some people have great results from ipl and the treatments last for years, they may never have problems with hair in the treated area again. however due to body changes i.e weight gain/hormone inbalance...
  12. jenny

    IPL vs electrolysis?

    Hiya IPL is not hot and not dangerous a test patch is done prior to treatment..this will decide what temp each individual can take regards to heat this depends on skin type..the darker the skin the more sensative you will be it can be permanent...but..hormones can re produce hair at a...
  13. jenny

    Electrolysis - The only proven method of permanent hair removal ?

    Hiya Ipl Tech have a method for removing salt and pepper hairs(grey hairs) it's a cream that is applied to grey hairs and works well with grey hair removal...can be a little bit exspensive cost around £50-£60 extra so yes you can remove dark and GREY hairs with IPL jenx Advanced...
  14. jenny

    Electrolysis - The only proven method of permanent hair removal ?

    Hiya you have to be very good therapist to remove hair with Electrolysis there are other ways IPL intense pulse light(permanent hair reduction) in some cases, hair can come back due to hormone change. i have found this treatment to get the best results jenx Advanced Beauty Clinic...
  15. jenny

    Nail Him ?

    Hiya More men the better:hug: I have my nails done by Marco Benito (only for holiday treats coz i do them any other time) He's all man and fab at his job Good Luck Jenx Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire Specialist Beauty Consultant Semi-Permanent Makeup, Permanent Hair...
  16. jenny

    firemen not allowed up ladder!!

    Hiya My hubby was fire-fighter for 31yrs he could work another 4 years if he wanted to..he got out as soon as he could pick up his pension they carn't do anything these days just a few things i can think of we have heard since he's left can not drive over 40 miles per hr to emergency...
  17. jenny

    CND Stock

    Hiya Any new on CND yet? jen Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
  18. jenny

    L+P Brush - stopping contamination

    Hiya I only use my monomer to clean my brush use a clean tissue to wipe the brush nib back into a sharp pint when clean of flat never store brush upside down(like you store a pen) have to say creative brushes that you can change heads are fab..never ever had yellow...
  19. jenny

    custom made uniforms?

    Hiya No not yet I had a chat with the local arts shop..they do all the costumes for theatre and dance schools. they have said they can make almost anything(worth a try) Jenx Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
  20. jenny

    Getting A Dog?

    Hiya What can i say, i would have a boat load of pets if i could have my way We have our 11yr old Wiemarana called Baxter The most amazing dog Sensative, Loving and a very good boy BUT...he love a fight(when he was in his prime) He don't like puppies(loves bunnies and guinea...