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    Silicone free detangling conditioner

    Help please! I am in a bit of a desperate situation. I went to wash my hair last night and realised I had ran out of conditioner. I went round all the shops and they are out of the one that I use. Either that or it's not being done anymore. I was using V05 lightweight detangling conditioner...
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    Reducing help - Scratches on CND enhancements, efile used

    Ok so I have been using an efile after applying product and then I smooth the edges with the Kanga board and then i am using the boomerang to smooth and eliminate surfaces before rubbing in my solar oil. Except I am still see scratches unless i am not spending long enough with my boomerang. What...
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    Onycholysis- what should I do now

    My little finger suffered trauma through filing and an incorrectly fitted nail tip. During a rebalance I did not feel when i began filing the actual nail rather than the product using an e-file. I ended up removing the remaining product when I finally realised and it began to feel sore. I...
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    Can I teach myself to sculpt?

    Just wondered how easy it would be to do this without an educator and just practice. I am thinking of buying some forms today ETA: I ended up buying performance forms which came this morning. They looked complicated to apply. I found the following link in the salongeek tutorial section which...
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    Filing advice needed to stop nipping clients skin

    Whenever I file I end up nipping at least one finger on whoever I am doing. Any tips on what I should be doing to avoid this please?
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    Do I need to remove shine after removing a full set?

    Is this necessary? Only there does not seem to be any shine on the nail after having had them dipped in acetone.
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    Alternatives to nail art - please advise

    Just got the last day of my CND foundation training to do and I want to start charging soon afterwards. In case clients ask for nail art I am wondering what I can offer them in the meantime whilst I hone my L&P skills and eventually learn how to do nail art. Any ideas?
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    NSI Fuminator - need a review please

    I am really concerned about the fumes and powder and was thinking of purchasing the fuminator. Has anyone used it and able to provide a recommendation before I take the plunge. I am just starting my CND course next week and am hoping to hone my skills in order to work from home. So any tips...
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    Looking for a nail model, London, September

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    Another newbie today!- need info for working from home as a nail technician

    Hi everyone Glad to be a part of this forum. I think i'll need it as I plan to take a CND foundation course in September. I have a question re setting up from home. Can this be a lucrative business?