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    Root melt

    Hi all. Has anyone an answer as to how you stop a dark as in level 4 and darker from going on the hair you just spent ages on getting the foils or balyage on when you rinse it all out. Yesterday I did a full head balyage technique with bleach on a level 6. Got it up to a brassy 8/9. Washed n...
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    Hairdressers working in nursing homes

    Anyone out there doing this and what's it like. I've seen an ad for a vacancy and thought I may follow it up
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    Washing & rinsing over the basin when mobile

    Hi there I've been a salon based hairdresser for about 30 + years. I'm now wanting to sell my business ( nice litt!e business in Matlock if anyone is interested) and am considering going mobile. Now years ago when we all had two taps at the sink you could buy a rubber push on shower head . How...