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    Gel problems

    Hello geeks! I have a client who has recently switched from acrylic to gel. Never had an issue with acrylic but the gel just won't last. Following all correct application procedures and I am at my whitts end! None of my other clients have this problem and I don't really know where to go from...
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    Online nail technician courses

    I trained with essential nails and found the courses great and I have never had any problems since working as a nail technician [emoji4]
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    Nail greenie

    Legend! Thank you [emoji8]
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    Best base for weak nails with gel, BIAB or Flubber?

    Hello, I have been using BIAB for 6 months now! I can't recommend it enough [emoji4]
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    Nail greenie

    Hello everyone A few days ago I removed a client's gel extensions which had been on for 3 weeks! She always comes 2 weekly but due to being on holiday she left it an extra week. She has been coming to me for 9 months without issues. I was absolutely horrified to find a very light green stain...