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  1. piersstanaway

    Breastfeeding and hair breakage

    Hi all Im wondering why it is recently with some clients ive had who are new mothers and breastfeeding, i have been finding when lightening ends in foils with wella blondor and 5vol the hair is completely screwed!! During consultation theres been no other chemical in their hair, I have found...
  2. piersstanaway

    Honey blonde toner

    Hi Can anyone recommend a nice honey blonde to tone full head foils. Something in Loreal or Wella? Level 9/10 Thankyou
  3. piersstanaway

    Dodgy 20vol

    Hi everyone I recently received 2 free 20 vol peroxides from a supplier it was a deal when you buy 6 tints the 20vol was free. I have a feeling they may be old stock as i tried a normal regrowth tint of 8.0 + 8.1 in fanola + 20vol After 40 minutes the coverage was almost like id used a semi...
  4. piersstanaway

    Affinage satin toner

    Can anyone recommend any cool blonde toner recipes in affinage satin range? Anyone tried the 10.21 satin?
  5. piersstanaway

    Foils steamed!

    Had a client today with many applications of base 3 box dye clairol nice n easy. She wanted to go lighter i said id do a full head foils probably only able to get to a level 5 at most bust still client was keen to try. I did the whole back section with Bleach 20vol only to open one of the foils...
  6. piersstanaway

    3% for grey coverage

    Does anyone use 3% for grey when the hair is very white and your colouring levels 8-10? I know 20vol is the norm but often i wonder if no need to lift then 3% is better to cover at lighter levels and less warmth too
  7. piersstanaway

    Anyone familiar with Vitality Fascinelle colours

    hi Has anyone used fascinelle colours? Any tips or advice appreciated
  8. piersstanaway

    7.1 + 7.0 very warm

    hi I just started using vitality Fascinelle and did 3/4 7.1 + 1/4 7.0 + 20vol on approx 50% grey and natural base of a 6. Any ideas why my colour was soo warm? It covered grey well but too much warmth!
  9. piersstanaway

    Really struggling as to what happened?

    Hi everyone, Had a client this week who has really baffled me !! she was an older lady who had short 100% white hair no other colour competely natural and she wanted to go a natural 7 with few highlights. I use fudge colour and using my knowledge i applied 7.00 + an inch of 7.3 + 20vol with 1:1...
  10. piersstanaway

    Matrix grey coverage

    Hi everyone Any tips on grey coverage with matrix? I find even the grey coverage range isnt that good compared to wella or loreal. Coverage is vry translucent with matrix
  11. piersstanaway

    New to Matrix

    Hi everyone, Ive worked with loreal, affinage, and fudge but matrix is taking me a lot to get used to!! I like the coloursync for toning , im after any good ash toner recipes and also some low light foil recipes to break up a clients colour who usually has a full head of bleach foils. Any tips...
  12. piersstanaway

    Anyone else have back problems

    Ive been hairdressing for 10yrs and recently suffered very bad back pain, im tall and had to take 2 months off with excruciating sciatic nerve pain, im returning to work but hope someone can give some tips on how they've overcome back problems in the industry, I am having physio and do gym work...
  13. piersstanaway

    Best brand for grey coverage

    Hi all just wanting ur favourite brands for excellent grey coverage not affinage tho im really finding it hopeless for coverage. Any ideas? Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  14. piersstanaway

    Bad grey coverage-Affinage

    Hi everyone, Ive been using Affinage for a while and it has its great shades such as coffee shop and reds. But grey coverage is a nightmare. I understand the instructions of using 3% and 1:1 when its resistant and the appropriate shades e.g double bases and the .01 range. But honestly ive had...
  15. piersstanaway

    Bio ionic one pass

    Hi all, I recently purchased the bio ionic one pass straightner and have to say it is amazing. It has silicone strips on the plates and leaves the hair silky smooth and ends are sealed. Unlike ghd that always seemed to give a dry feeling to the hair. This straightner is worth a look! Sent from...
  16. piersstanaway

    Redken up to 7 bleach

    Hi amyome have amy experience with redken up to 7 bleach? Is it good and conditioning. Any experience with on scalp applications? Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  17. piersstanaway

    Affinage 7.036

    Hi everyone, Have a good client who was a full head bleach foils for a long tine. She decided to go darker so we agreed on a 7 level with a few fine bleach foils. Using the 7.036 and a dash of 7.01 the colour was lovely a cool caramel blonde. First thing this morning she calls and her hair is...
  18. piersstanaway

    Help soft finger waves

    Hi there i need to do a style like this for a bride. I can do traditional fingerwaves tight to the scalp. But these loose waves i need help with . Anyone got any tips? Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
  19. piersstanaway

    70% grey wanting 7.6 colour

    Hi ive been colouring my clients hair with affinage 7.01 + 3%, she wants a change the colour has faded and now wants a 7.6 result. My only concern is she has about 70% white hair how much base would you mix in to avoid glowing roots and to ensure coverage of grey?? Sent from my GT-I9300 using...
  20. piersstanaway

    From 12.1 and foils to 8 level

    My client has short hair and i usually do full head fine foils bleach 30vol and base colour 12.1 30vol. now she wants to be a level 8 with bleach foils. when i go to do her colour she will have approx 2cm of regrowth shes a base 6 Im thinking of doing maybe roots 8.1 30vol, maybe fill the porus...