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    Quiet times and what to do?

    I am vegan and I'd only visit a salon if I could establish before hand that the product were vegan, so I probably wouldn't ask the salon, I'd do my own research and find bands that were cruelty free and salons that use them.
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    New Skills Academy?

    Yup. That why I posted a screenshot lol like there's vague and then there's that, you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it
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    New Skills Academy?

    Here's a screenshot of the instructions for applying acrylic, to give you an idea...
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    New Skills Academy?

    I did the new skills academy nail tech course, I got it off Groupon. I used it as a trial, whilst I was deciding whether to retrain as a nail tech. It's a series of very vague and general videos and instructions, such as "apply the gel polish". I wouldn't consider myself qualified after it and...
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    Training in hair or beauty at 30

    I'm 33 and training in nails, I have a 9, 3 and 1 yo, and a husband that works away Monday - Friday, so I know how hard it can be to find time to do anything for yourself, but like you I want to build a career for myself, one that I can be in charge of and can be flexible. Good luck with your...
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    Environmentally friendly nail salon practices?

    I've been wondering the same, I'm training, and as someone who limits disposable products in their every day life, I've been thinking are there any ways to reduce the amount of disposables used without compromising hygiene standards?
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    Online nail tech courses

    I did the new skills academy course, I think I got it for <£20 on Groupon or similar. I used it as a taster to see if I wanted to commit to training in nails. I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than this, it's very vague in the information and instructions
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    Mid range acrylic brush help please?

    Hiya, I'm doing my vctc level 2 nail technology. I'd like to order a brush so I can practice at home as soon as we've been thought how. But I've no idea which brush to buy. I don't want to spend too much as I am not a fan of the smell of acrylic, I can't see myself doing many sets, if any, once...
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    Anyone used Premier Gel?

    Mine usually takes a day or two to show with my hermes tracking