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    Dermaplaning help

    Hey all I’ve recently qualified in dermaplaning I just wondered what products you all use? And also what sheet masks? Where do you buy them from? Lol Thanks x Holly x
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    Which nail brand to choose

    Hi hun x I’m a nail tech x Qualified in all things nails x Recently I have developed a sever allergy to gel polish x Always be sure to use the correct products with the correct lamp x Some people say different but I always do x I have a few brands and also their lamps The preference is down to...
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    Hot wax

    I use hive hot wax xx
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    Working from home

    Am in the process of looking xx Thank u xx
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    Liquid & powder allergy?

    Ok so what brand do you use now? Xx I do both acrylic and gel nails xx Thanks
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    Conquering gel allergies?

    Hi what did you switch too? Thanks
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    Liquid & powder allergy?

    Hi Please can you say how you overcame your allergies? Mine is so severe to gel products causes a major reaction! Blisters and shedding skin! Thanks xx
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    Itchy toes from gel polish?

    I’ve had a very serious reaction to gel polish So bad that I can no longer do them x
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    Working from home

    I’ve ordered from there before but can be pretty pricey xx Thanks xx
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    Ordering stock

    Hi ya I’m a new mobile hairdresser I just wondered where you buy all your hair colours from? I have a big clientele so will need a lot of colours x I’d really appreciate any help x Many thanks x
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    Working from home

    Hi I’m looking to go mobile and need a big colour order but have no idea where to order? Any ideas? Many thanks x
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    Hi yA I’m in the same boat I need to order a bulk load of colours and have no idea where to get...

    Hi yA I’m in the same boat I need to order a bulk load of colours and have no idea where to get them xx