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    New client query

    Hi ladies, Sorry to be asking this on New Year’s Eve but just looking for some advice... I’ve had a new client request an appointment but also for me to remove another techs work. I’ve refused to do the removal after a bad experience previously. I advised that she go back to her original tech...
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    Gel cracking/splitting after 24 hours

    Hi everyone, I was hoping you lovely ladies could give me some advice? My mother-in-law sent me this pic of her friends’ nails that I did Saturday night - apparently, they did this last night. I’m not really sure what’s happened? I prepped as normal (I did 3 other sets that night and no similar...
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    Help, difficult client!

    Hello, I'm a mobile tech and went to a client's house a few months ago to do a full set. Nails were fine but I had to repeatedly ask her to tell her child to stop taking things out of my beauty kit/opening pots of gel etc. She didn't seem that bothered (she even said "oops" when he picked up...
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    Issues with lifting and breaking gel nails

    Hi everyone, I became qualified to use ProNails products last year and gave up after a few months as my confidence took a huge knock. All of my clients would lose nails or they'd all end up snapping off and I just felt that I couldn't produce a good enough set and I wasn't getting any better...