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    100% white hair and highlights

    I have a new client who is 100% white. She has 5-6 inch regrowth from previous highlights. She's wanting me to do a full head of highlights to get rid of her roots but knowing I can bleach white hair I'm struggling what to do as tint won't lift tint so I risk using a high lift and it not...
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    Fanola no orange

    My friends had highlights and lowlights done (not by me) her highlight is a nice clean blonde but she thinks her low light is too warm, it's probably a level 7. If she used fanola no orange would this cool it down? I've only ever used the no yellow so no experience with it. Would she have to...
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    Don't even know where to start with this one

    Client next week has been home bleeching for a few years [emoji85] as you can see from pics its a rainbow of colours! I'm seeing her tomorrow to complete tests on her hair to see if I'm able to touch it. Anyway she'd like other pic attached, I've told her no way in one session but I can try and...
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    Big colour change, grey toner help

    Feel like I'm always here these days haha. Help me out [emoji31] client wants this colour. I've explained about multiple sittings to achieve as close as I can and that the photo looks like a wig! Her hairs in good condition and I'll be using olaplex. Would you do root stretch and balyage...
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    Closest toner I can get?

    Hi all, I've a client next week with level 8 hair so know I know to pre lighten some more. She's wanting this tone... I use mainly Wella and XP do some good toners just wondering you have any recommendations? Thanks
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    Please help with gran’s hair

    Hi all just looking some some advice, my Gran uses box colours [emoji85] but recently her health has deteriorated and can no longer do her own hair. I've always offered to do it for her but she always denies and now she's asked me to do it I think I now why... She's a fussy one! She wants a...
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    Colour correction, how did I do?

    My client has only ever used box dyes. She asked for "brown hair with blonde highlights" I'm pretty proud of myself, first big colour correction since going solo
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    Which toner to use?

    I have a client with virgin level 6 hair. She would like her hair similar to the attached photo, after lifting to correct level which toner would you suggest? I use wella mainly but have access to other brands. Thank you
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    Hate my hair

    In December I started going to a new salon. I loved my hair everytime until last week. I have a full head of highlights done every 5-6. Last Saturday I went in asked for exactly the same thing with my usual hairdresser but for some reason the hairdresser put a toner on my hair too this time. I...
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    In a dilemma please help

    I'm 29 and after many years of wanting to train as a hairdresser I'm doing it. I currently work full time so applied for an evening course. This is a level 2 VRQ. Anyway I've been accepted and need to go and enrol next week (last week to do it). I want some salon experience whilst training so...
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    Level 2 Diploma, Level 2 Itec or Level 2 VRG?

    I thought I was all set on what hairdressing course I was going on but now I'm having doubts. I've Googled all the different types of qualifications available at the 3 colleges near me but I'm still none the wiser. The courses are 2 evenings a week so do I pick the diploma, Itec or VRG? Thanks
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    Confusion over what course to go on

    Hi everyone I'm new here. I've always wanted to be a hairdresser so at the age of 29 I've bit the bullet and applied for several courses. Today I've been accepted onto a Saturday course which is ideal as I still need to earn a living whilst training, but this course requires me to complete level...