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    Where to advertise my chairs/spaces to rent?

    I feel this may be an opportune moment for many people to become renters- my beauty therapist is giving up her salon as it just doesn't pay enough to make up for the stress of having to have other people in on reception, or using excess product etc. Have you tried telling any local wholesalers...
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    Just sending good wishes to all hairdressers opening tomorrow

    Thank you, in our salon we had a really good day overall. Some running behind as there wasnt really enough time allowed to clear,clean and sanitised but it finished without tears. Almost all the clients were very appreciative and accepted the new regime.well. I hope beauty, nails and aesthetics...
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    How much do you charge for an elderly lady’s perm?

    I think it's got to depend on how like it takes you. Im not quick at rolling a perm, so that plus application of lotion and changing the protective capes and cotton wool coming up for an hour and a half. I develop for 20 mins then neutralise for say 30 mins. Add on a cut and set and I'm...
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    Covid-19 surcharge?

    Funny story- I went to the dentist yesterday for a big filling to be taken out and refilled. I'd seen them 2 weeks ago for another treatment. Yesterday, they were wearing full-on surgical style 'scrubs', visors, solid masks, gloves of course and goggles. I was told the entire lot for 2 people...
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    Thank you for JotForm

    Under Consent Forms. I had to scroll a fair way down to get the one most appropriate but there were a fair few for different industries.
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    Thank you for JotForm

    Then thank you @apierce!!
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    Thank you for JotForm

    I cant remember who, or on what thread a member posted about using JotForm to create consultation forms; whomever it was, thank you very much. I've found a great template to adjust for a Covid-19 statement of procedure and a liability waiver, which helped me then to think about and write my...
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    Advice for an apprentice trial

    Good morning klouise, I do hope you weren't up all night stressing about this. First off- they invited you to the trial, they like you already. However you came across in the group, it worked!! I admit, I'm not sure of the idea of ' not given any instructions ' as that sounds very iffy-...
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    Card payments

    I'm not sure if it's an older or newer version, as I got them 2.5 yrs ago. The printer was fairly pricey, but the receipt rolls are standard, and they both charge with a micro usb. Hope that helps.
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    Card payments

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    Skin tests advice

    Wow!!!! I did not know about this. I do vaguely remeber years ago a patch test that could be sent but thought that it wasnt liked by most colour or insurance companies as it only tested for PPD, so therefore didn't give a comprehensive test result. I wonder if that helps us with our current...
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    Barbicide/Mundo vs steriliser with UV rays for disinfecting brushes

    Have a look at Saloncide too. My scissorsmith recommended it to disinfect scissors,and according to them you can spray literally anything with it, and it takes only 30secs to 2 mins to work.
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    Skin tests advice

    I mean, what will you actually send? A tube of colour and some developer?
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    Chair rental during lockdown

    You need to check in detail your agreement with them. Does it state that it expired on 4th April, or that is the date it will renew unless either side terminates it? You know like lots of car or travel insurance auto renew unless you cancel. If you had to give notice, and didn't, then the terms...
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    Skin tests advice

    What will you send out?
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    Clients after Covid-19

    I'm going to message all my clients that their first appointment will be current prices, then I shall be raising them. I was going to anyway this june, it's just unfortunate it's in the midst of this. I'm not sure how much by, but maybe 5-7%.
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    Mobile PPE & money

    A friend of mine has massage at home, and her therapist is supplying a couch cover that they keep and wash themselves. They do pay for this, but they have control and can wash it straight away. I will be taking cash in envelopes if necessary,although most of my client s pay card. I'm most...
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    Getting all employees back to work

    I'm in a salon with 4 employed staff (one now on mat leave) and 3 self employed stylists and a stand alone beauty business. Normally we would open Tuesday- Saturday but now will open 7 days a week. The self employed stylists will all work Tuesdays, and have 2/3 in on a Saturday and slot another...
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    Card payments

    I have an iZettle, that pays into a regular account that I use for work purposes. I get paid weekly for the previous weeks takings minus the fee. Costs 1.75% of every transaction, or if y0u take more you can have a flat monthly cost. I've a mini printer with mine for receipts but you can email...
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    Updated 10.04.20: Coronavirus | 10 point business survival guide

    Thanks salonfrog, this is good stuff. I know furlough payments have happened for some already, and HMRC self employed scheme goes live next week- whoop!!!