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    Gelish “Top it Off” problems

    Does anyone know if both of these bottles of “Top it Off” are authentic? Wondering why one has blue letter with white background and the other has white letter with blue background?
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    Stain resistant top coat?

    Hi! Having problems with my gelish top it off and staining. See attached picture. Any recommendations for a better stain resistant top coat? TIA
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    New bottles of Gelish and brush are messed up?

    Looking for help!‍♀️ I have two bottles of gel polish that I bought new. When I first opened them the brush was like this (photo below) I sacrificed an older polish I had, removed the brush from it, cleaned it and thought I could use it for this polish. But when I opened it tonight, the brush...
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    Thoughts on Madam Glam?

    Hi there! I have been using gelish but recently ordered Madam Glam. I haven’t tried it on myself yet but a couple of my clients have said it is chipping a lot sooner than the gelish. My clients usually get 2-4 weeks from gelish and the madam glam has been chipping with in a week. Has anyone else...
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    Tips vs forms for short, bitten nails?

    Hi! What is better for short, bitten nails? Tips or forms? I am using Young Nails builder gel. Thanks!
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    Why is my free edge so thick?

    Hi! I am new here and this is my first post. I started doing nails 5 months ago so I am very new to this business. I am learning how to use forms to extend the free edge. When I am finished, the portion of the free edge that was created using the clear gel is so thick. I looks as if the gel has...