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  1. ronray

    Short perm

    My favourite solution has got to be schwarzkopf glamour, hydro wave. No harsh perm smell. And I've never been dissatisfied with the result or the condition of the hair afterwards.
  2. ronray

    Help, my highlighting test is coming soon

    As @Haircutz said start with a lower developer on your first area, and then change up when you're half way through. This will allow it all to process evenly. I don't know if this is psychological or not, or if anyone else agrees, but I also find its quicker to do fine slices, than weaves. Less...
  3. ronray

    Dry hair cuts

    Just realised some of the emojis don't work on here :(
  4. ronray

    Dry hair cuts

    I can imagine!
  5. ronray

    Dry hair cuts

    That last sentence!!!
  6. ronray

    Hair maintenance

    Your scalp produces oil to protect itself. If you have a lack of moisture/oil your body will produce more, so if that moisture is lost due to washing, and not replacing it. Your bodies natural reaction is to produce more. You could try using something like kitoko age prevent cleanser and balm...
  7. ronray

    Best shampoo etc for hair extensions?

    Kitoko from capitol or salon connections is very good. Sulphate, paraben, silicone and mineral oil free.
  8. ronray

    Hair maintenance

    Do not avoid conditioner on lightened hair. If you don't get on with a surface conditioner L, try a leave in spray conditioner instead.
  9. ronray

    Short perm

    I would see if you can do 4 upX, 4 across and probably use blue and red rollers. Every other.
  10. ronray

    Recipe for deep burgundy colour?

    Colorissimo you could do 1part 6.66 and 3parts 6c. Or you could look at wella 3parts 6.75+1part 55/65
  11. ronray

    What best lightner for open air balayage?

    Clay bleach is very good for freehand techniques. It's designed to lift out in the open. It doesn't expand as much as a powder bleach would. Usually clay bleaches are developed to peak at a later time than a regular bleach to allow you time to finish applying, before it starts lifting.
  12. ronray

    Does anyone know which toner to use for this color?

    Best advice would be to see your stylist for a consultation. They will be able to tell you what's achievable and offer advice on what tones will compliment your complexion. You will find it difficult to do this by looking at pictures on Google. You also shouldn't be able to buy professional...
  13. ronray

    Does anyone know which toner to use for this color?

    Your profile states that you have qualifications in hair colouring?
  14. ronray

    Resistant white

    I find that with some of my clients, the tint takes better if I get them to wash their hair the night before they come. Some clients only wash their hair once a week and sometimes that's too much grime for the colour to penetrate through. Some brands also suggest adding a few grams of the darker...
  15. ronray

    Tone base and bleach at the same time

    Id be inclined to do a full head scattering of highlights, while these are processing, apply a demi/quasi in between to bring the base down to at least a 6. Then once this is processed, rinse, shodow the root with a 5 again depending on how dark your client really wants to go, and then apply a...
  16. ronray


    When you get to that stage, you should start introducing a lowlight that's as close to the clients natural colour as possible. I usually use a demi/quasi to do this.
  17. ronray

    Wella Illumina as toner?

    If you feel that 9/16 is too dark, I think you'll need to lift the hair more. Anything that's lighter than the base will not tone out that yellow. If be inclined to take it down to at least an 8 if she were my client.
  18. ronray

    Does anyone know which toner to use for this color?

    Yeah :)
  19. ronray

    Colour Touch 7/89

    Framesi eclectic 7se looks very similar
  20. ronray

    Wella Koleston

    I would imagine the only thing that you would achieve is lighter roots where the virgin hair will lift more, and possibly a flatter /more neutral colour on the m.l.e. You could lift the hair slightly using a pastel cleanse. Usually 1part blondor +4 parts pastel developer. Leave until desired...