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    Holidays for the girls

    Then I don't think it's unusual for her to book in holiday with the same lead time. Most people book holidays way in advance. My wife works at a building society and has to book at the start of the year for everything for the whole year I'm pretty sure.
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    Website advice

    WordPress can be the host but it's a more limited version of WordPress (long story) so you'll need your own separate hosting. WordPress isn't really a DIY platform in my opinion. Can you build your own site on it? Absolutely. But it really depends how much time you have to learn it and get to...
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    Website advice

    £40pm is cheap. Even for templated sites done to a decent standard. As a professional, I can say the monthly maintenance and hosting for a website from a company can cost this alone let alone building it. Buying a domain won't include hosting. GoDaddy is terrible for hosting and their builder...
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    Opening a salon

    All I'll say is sit down with an accountant together and get a good contract drawn up to protect you both. These things have a way of ruining friendships.
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    When to give up on a stylist, after 3 weeks?

    The fact is do you have the time and money to train her? You hired someone with a lot of experience you wouldn’t expect to hand hold them for basic stuff I’d imagine. If it were me I’d be firing and looking for someone else. In your situation put yourself first with your health issues. If you...
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    Appointment booking system

    I'd say Ovatu is better and worth the small cost.
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    Salon closure but clients with outstanding CACI courses

    Are you a limited company?
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    Renting out hair station/make up station

    You should always have a contract and as they pay rent in advance, if they take holiday/sickness, it still needs to be paid. Just like renting a house.
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    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    Yes, there is software that will allow someone to book a certain member of staff but both staff members would be 'admins' on the software so they can see everything on the whole system no matter who someone booked with. Like I say, in HMRC lines the lines would be blurred anyway. There is...
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    Business name ideas needed please

    That’s been going on for yearsssss. I’d recommend not doing this is you want something memorable but everyone is different :)
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    Little details about having a self employed therapist

    You should never share booking systems. It’s a breach of data compliance as technically the self employed business is sharing client data with the other business. Likewise HMRC is likely to look at the person renting the chair and say ‘looks like she’s employed to me’ here is a nice fine for...
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    How long for home business to get busy?

    I think the rule of thumb is 2 years to become established and busy consistently and start marking profit.
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    Salon booking system?

    Ovatu. Worth the small cost
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    Scheduling software? worth every penny
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    Social media?

    Sooner the better. Hard to get noticed early on so put all your effort in while you have the time :)
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    Website constructive criticism please

    These are my recommendations: Remove the background behind your logo. I can't even read the menu. Your page needs a fixed width so the text doesn't go right to the very each of the screen. Need to work on white space between items. IE you button is right up against your image -...
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    Rent a chair salon contract

    You could do. Depending on what you put in it will depend if it's legally binding. Rent a chair is pretty straight forward as they're their own business inside your premises so you get no say over them so it's just a rental doc with you as their landlady.
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    Taking payments

    Should consider a card machine just as an FYI :) I don't remember last time I carried cash for anything.
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    Facebook ads and promotions help!

    You are best trying to do it on a computer
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    Handing in my notice - paying back training fees

    In theory she can't legally deduct the training cost from wages and legally it's probably not enforceable to make you pay back the training.