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    Help choosing hair?

    Hi all, i had extensions put it around 3 weeks ago and had them sewn in, i absaloutly love this method the only thing is that im not overly impressed with the hair they use (Dream Girl) the tops 4 wefts seem great but the bottom one seems to tangle alot more im assuming this is down to the...
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    Highlighted hair

    Hiya guys i was just wondering if anyone could suggest a good shampoo and conditioner for highlighted hairi get blonde highlights and they look great the first few weeks but then just go dull after a while,anyone got any ideas, prefferably from somewhere like boots etc?
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    price of extensions

    Hi everyone im looking to get some extensions id just like a bit of advice on the price range i should be looking at and the kindest method to my own natural hair thanks in advance :hug: xxx
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    Tips grown out?

    Hiya guys as most of you know im not a trained tech so this is basicly a queqry of what i can expect tomorrow as im due an infill, i got a set of white tips with acrylic overlay (pink acrylic btw, is that a way it can be done? ive never seen it myself i always had clear...:confused:) my tips...
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    same hairstyles

    Anyone know of or use any sites that suggest diffrent hairstyles, i dont want to go for a drastic haircut just now as im trying to grow my hair but im so fed up of the same old straightend/down/side fringe look plus its starting to look flat and limp :( Any help would be apreciated thanks a...
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    Extensions - Clip In V Permanent

    Your preference and why? Personally never had permanent so i dont really know if i can comment on my own thread :irked: But i will anyway.. i love my clip ins but ive not yet worn them out as im a bit worried il end up walking through a club with one atatched to my leg! :eek: lol with the...
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    Soooo when do we get some hair ones? :lol:
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    Blending hair extensions

    Ok this is kinda of a random question but if you dont ask you dont get anywhere:green: Im wanting to book an apoinment with a new hairdressers to get my clip in extensions blended just wanted a few pointers before i go so i dont look a total dipstick:smack: lol Should i put them in myself and...
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    Most requested?

    Just a random bit of natter has anyone had any popular cuts or styles requested like way back in the day :lol: when it was the whole 'xtina' thing blonde on top black underneath? ive not noticed any as of yet although clip in extensions seem to be popping up alot more, but if you differ get...
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    Curling hair with tongs

    This may be a bit of a stupid question :smack: but do you curl your hair under or upwards with tongs? Or.. iv even seen people pointing the tongs in an upwards position?? is there a right or wrong? what way do you use or preffer, to get the best results? Finished with the (not so quick)...
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    Products to use with curling tongs?

    Any advice on what products to use with curling tongs? I used to use any old mousse to help hold because my hair never held but i dont want the 'crispy' effect that i used to get i want amuch softer natural look. I baught VO5 Curl Up curl defining mousse with heat defence yesterday not yet used...
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    Sorry - yet another gel query

    Just a quick one. Ive tried to do my research and read up on the diffrent kind of gels but no threads really been able to answer what gels are suitable to just air dry.. idealy a self leveling one that can be used with tips would top it off its mainly so i can have a play with my own nails (try...
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    Dry brittle nails

    Right a bit of a mind bogler to me.. I was doing my mum just a simple quick mini manicure last night as her nails are forever looking dry and brittle and in just poor condition so after VERY carefull filing (she has paper thin nail plates and they bend like hell) i applied a clear top coat...
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    Nail Art & Fabric# ?

    May seem a bit of a dummy question but what kind of nail art can you do with fabric if any - ive not seen much at all :rolleyes:
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    Applying white tips?

    Because ive never atempted the damn things i havent a clue, i looked it up in 'the complete nail technician' but it only shows you the one method... and thats applying the tip and structuring with gel (no blending etc just take the shine off) I thought i had it sussed until my friend came over...
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    Genuine salons/nail techs

    Any tips to find a genuine salon/Nail technician? Is there anything i should be looking out for? Reading a few threads lately it seems a fair few of you fully trained techs have notices should we call them..fraudsters? ie. not upto the usual standards and its a little daunting as iv had a couple...
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    White tips - Advice

    Im not a fully trained nail technician (hope i am just as welcome) but it is something i really want to do this year, atm im 36wk pregnant so im just a little pre-ocupied lol... So during my maternity leave iv been exsperimenting with almost everything and reading up tons, so far its gone great...