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    Skin tags, electrolysis

    Oops! I did think you meant what form of method/needle system ...sterex or ballet actually. Would it be worth a call or email to either needle supplier to ask if there is the relevant consultation card that you can have from them ? Regards
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    Clients who turn up really early!

    Oh that seems such a shame after you have got your lovely room just perfect. It would give you your house back and no clients knocking when they feel like it. They get to you sometimes don't they! I have thought about it many times over the years and I like the convenience and freedom of not...
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    Skin tags, electrolysis

    Hi there , I was hoping someone with "advanced epilation " diploma may well have jumped onto this thread. However, I would contact "British Institute and Association of Electrolysis" - BIAE They cover Advanced Electrolysis and should have the information for you. Their skin tag video looks...
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    What to do about gel polish shrinkage?

    All above is great advice and you could also try this ;- Stir the gel thoroughly with the right tool, dry brush base coat and then flash cure 2 nails at a time. (10 secs to stabilise it) That is what I was told on my gellux course if the colour isn't behaving. It happens with some colours...
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    Reaction to cream waxes

    Hi there, Over the years , just a couple of my clients had the same reaction, and although they took antihistamine it sometimes reacted and sometimes didn't. Again when a period was due the sensitivity was more marked. ( I know my strip wax had the colophonium in there so was a known irritant...
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    I’ve left the industry, trying to find a replacement therapist

    You are a very caring lady , and it shows! I have known some of mine for 35 years and so I know how you feel. To be honest as well even if you find another therapist their training will be very different to what you have had maybe and that could be a bit awkward especially if their standards...
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    Caflon Salon Services ear piercing

    Hi there , I was hoping someone recently trained and done the course at salon services may have jumped on the thread. Have you contacted them directly and asked the questions? Some of their courses are run by "Training Solutions" The training I had was salon based by "Caflon" themselves at...
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    Client new to gel nails has expectations, may not be able to deliver

    Will follow your advice , I am so grateful. Fingers crossed she will be pleased. R
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    Client new to gel nails has expectations, may not be able to deliver

    I do have that from gellux , great suggestion !!! thanks angel.
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    Gel polish won‘t last

    I cannot comment on magpie gel I use cuccio and have no problems with it , but my lamp is 405 nm gel lamp by ASP. I don't know how that compares to the gelish nm sorry. Just to be clear on your prep;- dry prep only is best, no water anywhere near the nails . Definately cuccio dehydrator every...
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    Client new to gel nails has expectations, may not be able to deliver

    I have a client booked next week for gel polish and has seen the nails of a collegue at work that I can only assume has hard gel or white tip extensions on. My client has great faith in me being able to deliver as pristine , precise nails as her collegue. Help !!! I use cuccio and gellux gel...
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    Aromatherapy training

    Hi there, No wonder you are confused as there are such a lot of courses being offered in your area. I have looked at some of the many providers. I would always advocate a college course diploma as the first choice, that's me personally. That's what I did and yes it was a year -3 hours per...
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    I’ve left the industry, trying to find a replacement therapist

    I'm sorry I can't help you out but I wanted to send you some good wishes. I Just need to say how lovely you are for thinking of your clients now that you have finished. It is a very nice gesture but I know I will feel the same when I chose to finish too. Ten out of ten for trying to source...
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    Reflexology, is it popular?

    Reflexology is still popular , I still do a few clients from when I first trained over 20 years ago. One of my best friends is purely Holistic without beauty and she does many reflexology treatments in a week. other popular treatments she uses are Deep tissue massage, Hot Stones and Reiki...
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    Business name

    I really like sunflower, it's lovely. Use it and just call yourself "Sunflowerbeauty "and that would cover all your needs for the future direction of your business. I'm not particularly arty or clever with names , but it says what you do and that should be enough. Good luck !
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    Sticky wax left on client?

    Practise, practise and don't give youself a hard time. Sounds like You are using hot wax and so I would try to apply it a little thicker at the edges so that the risk of leaving a little behind is lessened. I use hot wax for mobile lip/brow waxing as it's so easy to take in the car. However if...
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    Opening offers/promotions

    How lovely .... sounds very inviting, bet you can't wait! I presume you have quite a few clients already, and your offers will apply to all new and existing clients which is good for them all. I would not reduce prices at all. I would offer freebies to your treatment list as it is hard to put...
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    Legal requirements of working from home?

    Some salons or physiotherapists may have odd days that you could rent a room from them??. Daily rate will be better than weekly rates. Obviously you need to source your own clients . Developing a good rapport with them , by offering taster sessions will help you to gain some of their clients/...
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    At home beauty salon?

    All you can do is ask your clients the question about if they mind coming to your mum and dads house. As I replied to your debate about whether or not to become home based you did not say you were still at your parents. It will be easier for you , but your parents are very involved so they...
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    At home beauty salon

    I am home based and I love it, however occasionally I do home visits and always feel I forget something because I have every mortal thing I need at home. The client may decide to have another treatment , then it's oops sorry I don't have the things I need for that extra treatment with me now...