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    Best beauty magazines?

    Looking for a good ‘all round’ beauty magazine to subscribe to for industry news etc, anyone got any recommendations please x
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    Best ways to promote a new training academy

    Looking for ideas on how to promote a new training academy. Any help greatly received. Thanks in advance.
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    Account upgrade?

    Ok thank you
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    Account upgrade?

    Is the option to upgrade your account still available in order to post events? promoting courses etc. Thanks
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    LA Tanning?

    Try Suntana or LAEX both good brands and LAEX has a clear tan which is great for weddings etc x
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    Professional Beauty 2019 questions

    Does anyone know if i am allowed to take a small wheeled case into the show for any purchases??? Thanks
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    How to explain to a client why these are not volume lashes!

    I do have pictures, ill send her some and show her what they should look like.
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    How to explain to a client why these are not volume lashes!

    Ive been approached by a lady who wants me to do her lashes, she like a long full look and these are what she has at the min?? She says she knows that she has 2/3 lashes per natural lash as they tell her, but I really dont think these look good. How would u explain the difference to the lady...
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    Eyelash extension advice

    Head over to you tube and search Frankie Widdows, her videos have taught me loads x
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    Best acrylic liquid and powder?

    I swear by Young Nails.
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    Chair or beauty bed?

    I have one in my salon. Its great for lying treatments but not for pedicures if u are going to use it as a chair as the bottom half does not go flat down it remains at an angle which makes it awkward to position the footspa. Hope that helps x
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    Microblading bylaws

    I am looking to train in Microblading and offer at my salon, I only have one treatment room tho and have been researching into the bylaws and some state that the room has to be used for sole purpose? Obviously I have called the council but they are not very clear to what they expect. Is there...