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    Hi please may I have some info on your LED therapy lights many thanks

    Hi please may I have some info on your LED therapy lights many thanks
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    Can you just explain the bricklayer technique? I always do hot cross bun and you are right about grabbing on the hair line! Cheers
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    Revitalash UK Stockist

    Hi, can anyone tell me the UK stockist of Revitalash. I am looking into stocking it and can not find the info!! Cheers!! or if anyone has any lash serum recommendations for me with UK stockist that would be great x
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    Shellac: Why isn't it a gel polish?

    here here!!! excellent reading though x
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    Lint free pads leaving bits

    SORRY BUT.....Same problem here too! I use 'hands down??
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    Cleaning gel brush?

    Hi I have a Gel polish (generic) qualification as well, but we used one with a brush, like shellac, not a pot one on the training! I presumed I would be insured for any Gel polish...I will check with insurance just in case THANKS for the advice x
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    Cleaning gel brush?

    Fab, thanks! seems a simple question, but I know how easy it is to ruin expensive brushes x
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    Cleaning gel brush?

    Hi just want to know how to clean my gel brush (which product) when using Eco Gel Polish? I am Shellac trained so don't use a gel brush, however I want to use Eco gel polish for my Swaroski Crystal Pedi!! I got my gorg gel brush from S2 so don't want to wreck it LOL X
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    Severe allergic reaction: my cousin died on Thursday

    So sorry for your loss, so tragic x
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    Problem with Shellac, any ideas?

    My (not Shellac) french gel polish used to go black, cos I read Newspapers!!! :eek:
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    First crystal pedi on Friday

    Fab !! Just got all my crystals and a model booked for next week eeek .....
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    Colour correction-help, please

    I have a client with natural base 7 with about 2 inch re-growth! She would like to go back to more or less her natural colour. She's been using casting crem gloss every 6 weeks for about a year at about a base 5 with red. What's the best prosuct to strip the colour and then what would you use to...
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    Hi - Nouvatan

    Nouvatan is amazing!!! I have 3 die-hard St Tropez ladies that has made the change, they LOVE the colour, smell and say it lasts amazingly x
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    Colour pops/wheels

    Where is best place to get pops x
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    I cannot wear Shellac

    I had this problem too, until I decided to 'follow my own advice' and solar oil twice a day, wear gloves when cleaning and apply 2 x thin top coats.....OMG sat here after 15 days later nails still look FAB!!!!!! I am just bored now though and i'm going to remove them today and Ruby Ritz them...
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    Nail horror

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    Heated or wheat bag manicure/pedicure mitts?

    Just ordered botties and mitts in a package for £30 (inc vat) from Ellisons....BARGAIN as usually cost is this for just mitts. code is BH03A if you order over £50 free postage too x
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    Shellac pricing?

    Sorry if this has been asked a zillion times. i am doing the S2 training in two weeks super excited!!! However after checking out local pricing I am confused. My local salon charge £13.50 for Shellac Mani with dry prep, this includes removal if they are reapplying!! so cheap!! One...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Have you got Mo-vember in mind!!!!! :D
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    Need a virtual hug

    Have been looking at the Martha Stewart essential glitter sets on Amazon are these the ones you use for nails? Martha Stewart Essentials Glitter Set .37 Ounce 24/Pkg-: Kitchen & Home I really like the 24 colour set but dont want buy the wrong ones x