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  1. spraytanningguy

    A chance to save lives

    No objection at all :)
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    A chance to save lives

    for the same reason ? (if its not a personal question)
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    A chance to save lives

    Having read this article I thought this could be relivent to spray tanners who get to see parts of clients that (unless they have rubber necks) they cant even see themselves so I did the course they were talking...
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    Best place to buy Sticky Feet?

    With some sort of metal template to cut round the two strip ones would be really easy to make. Slightly off topic but still relivent to logos, I think I have taken branding to the extreme with my latest marketing ploy :)
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  7. spraytanningguy

    Best place to buy Sticky Feet?

    Dont you find some tan gets on the souls of your client's feet, expicially those with high arches ? I have had some 'all over' sticky feet that have been a nightmare to get off (Mystic tan gave me some at the professional beauty show that I thought I would need a chisel to remove) but usually...
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    Best place to buy Sticky Feet?

    eBay :) although the really cheap ones have just two strips of double sided tape on them and are not much good because you can still get tanning solution on the soles of the feet. You need to make sure they are sticky all the way .... I hope that makes sense. Thinking about it, It would...
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    Salon launch party goodie bags

    The first thing I would do would be to speak to the reps from all my suppliers and see if they have anything that they would want to pop in. The trouble with all the things you have so far (and the nail file idea, although it is a good idea) is that with the best will in the world, no one could...
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    Organic fast tans?

    As I understand it (and I have been down this road when it comes to 'organic wine' as well), it is not the water that is the problem it is the processing. Organic food (and presumably organic anything else) has to be minimally processed. You can have an organic lemon, you can have organic...
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    Free training

    No [emoji4]. Well I wasn’t, well not yet [emoji4]
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    Free training

    I am all for training and free training in particular. Not sure how much use it would be or even if the product is available in the UK but I found bits of the free brand training and the colour thoery quite interesting. does anyone know of...
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    Generic training

    Your course will probably be better than a brand specific training. If you were to train with a brand they would teach you about their products (as well as how to spray) but you can get most, if not all, of this extra info from their website anyway and presumably your course will spend that time...
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    HMRC help

    Excelent advice from beautyej about ACAS, I have had good experiences with them as well but I would recommend emailing tham rather than calling them. That way you have someting in writing if anyone wants to get dificult later.
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    Male treatment flyers, what do men like?

    Not really. Often weekends are family time or taken up with hobbies. I think your average office worker (male or otherwise) would prefer weekends to taking time off work but anything that would take longer than could be squeezed into a lunchtime would ideally be done before or after work. I am...
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    Male treatment flyers, what do men like?

    Facial Waxing? You can count me out there I'm afraid.
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    Male treatment flyers, what do men like? I would add that men tend to like being able to go places outside of normal working hours because so many have nine to five (or six or seven) jobs and weekends are at a premium.
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    Salon design

    would something like this help?
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    Aura Allure Xena

    No help at all I'm afraid but I would really like an answer to this as well as I am on the lookout for an HVLP machine that can contour. Are there any others that make that claim?
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    Decided to rent a room and need advice

    Hopefully the tan does not literally go everywhere but there will always be a little solution that does not end up on the client, that is why we have tents in the first place. I have noticed a few real bargains on ebay like this...