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  1. bronzebrunette

    Hair dryer

    What’s everyone using? Looking for first hand recommendations on a new hair dryer - have a Diva Rapida 4000 currently, love the weight but looking to go smaller (thinking Parlux, had one a few years ago) but open and interested to see what else is out there and what yous think [emoji4]
  2. bronzebrunette

    Client’s “silver” perception, help

    I have a client who returned to me after a few years for colour today, her regrowth is predominantly grey, mid sections level 9 ends pale with silver shampoo - she wanted full head to match the ends, I prelightened the roots and the darker pieces through mid section, left out the ends, used...
  3. bronzebrunette

    New job? More training?

    Well I completed my level 3 hairdressing 12 months ago - I am working in salon, taking clients for all services but I am losing confidence rather than gaining :irked: I dont particularly enjoy the salon I am in and definately dont feel there are stylists I can look up to and learn. I would like...
  4. bronzebrunette

    Lush-Us wefts/weaves in general

    hello! wondering how many of you do weaving and is this something yous find popular?? i did a wee course in april that covered weave and glue extensions, and today had a try on someone who works in the salon. just used wefts that she already had but obviously if i was to start offering this i...
  5. bronzebrunette

    Going from red to brown w/highlights

    as the title suggests! im doing someones hair that is currently red all over, shes wanting to go brown with some blonde highlights but im looking for some advice on how to approch it basically, im doing it at hers and i always feel a bit panicked doing colours outside the salon basically lol...
  6. bronzebrunette

    Barbering in Glasgow

    Was wondering if anyone had any information or reviews on the Academy of Hairdressing Excellence in Glasgow?? Have found a few courses with them on the ILA website and believe it is the training academy for UConcept salons in Glasgow, I am particularly interested in doing the Barbering 1 day...
  7. bronzebrunette

    Hollywood Toes

    Well I know it's probably out of season what with it all of a sudden being Winter this week!!!! lol but I have been looking at doing this course Hollywood Toes - Scottish Beauty School- the requirements state 'students should be qualified in either artificial nails or manicure & pedicure' - I...
  8. bronzebrunette

    scissor shopping - jaguar?

    hi im looking for a pair of fair priced, yet decent LEFT HANDED! scissors. i have a pair of Toni & Guy B19 (£210 retail) but they are currently being held hostage at college by the lecturers until we finish the course in july so i am looking for another pair to use while working in the salon. i...
  9. bronzebrunette

    Where have sun labs gone??

    Hi there I trained with sun labs in spray tanning last year, i went to their uk site Fake tan, self tanning and spray tanning from Tan Solutions it looks like theyve changed their name or, theyre just not there?? but all their stuff is the same on the US site??
  10. bronzebrunette

    level 2 course book

    borders are selling 'hairdressing - the foundations' by leo palladino & martin green for £6.60 reduced from £21.99!