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  1. Vezy1

    Trial day

    Start and finish times What products they use Paid cash or into bank account Is it an on line booking system or appointment book What daily tasks will you have to complete before finishing your working hours What days will be your set training hour days What will they start your training with...
  2. Vezy1

    Equipment included in rent a chair?

    Ah thank you - that’s sounds like you’re on a profit share basis , I need some help with my stylist who just pays rent to work within my salon provides all her own stock - essentially running her own business within my premises . Thank you for your reply though [emoji1417]
  3. Vezy1

    Is it mean to ask a rent a chair stylist to provide their own towels and electric equipment- she...

    Is it mean to ask a rent a chair stylist to provide their own towels and electric equipment- she was previously employed by me , and we need to clarify our contract ! Any suggestions from those experts in this area? Xx
  4. Vezy1

    Equipment included in rent a chair?

    Has anyone got a basic list of tools equipment telephone , staff that they include in their rent a chair agreement to give me some guidelines, don’t want to be petty over combs and brushes but was happens if clippers are broken etc Thank you for reading and advising in advance xx
  5. Vezy1

    Renting out a chair for first time! Please can you lovely hairy folk advise me how!

    Ive had my own salon 17 years and want to rent to my stylist it's the nitty gritty I m not sure of Does she have her own till and own float ? At the end of the week , her profit share takings does she give me cash at end of week or bank transfer ? If we both work on the same client for example...
  6. Vezy1

    Getting a client "white" blonde?

    After root application of Wella blondor followed by blondor conditioner after shampooing l'Oreal po on its own gives a beautiful soft snow white tone with out any silver or ash, I've mixed half Po to half Po1 on other clients and developed for 20 minutes . Play with the ratios on swatches, Po2...
  7. Vezy1

    Help with colour-ASAP

    It's just going to be so difficult to blend that line with weaving highlights through definitely going to have to smudge that block line down over the crown, it looks like it's higher up on the back of her head as it is to the front. It's such a solid line to blend, as cam97 said 7.13 dialight...
  8. Vezy1

    Rant (sort of)

    You shouldn't be worrying, mistakes happen. If this ever happens , a simple "I'm so sorry if it's messing you about, I'm not sure what's happened but we can fit you in when's best for you?" I think it's what we call customer service , communication or simple good manners, he should be worried...
  9. Vezy1

    Illumia 10/36

    It's beautiful, sometimes a peach champagne depending how clean the bleach lift is .
  10. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    When I had my stand alone treatment I put the length of my hair into a plastic cap so the Olaplex could saturate fully through all the hair, some clients I thought may think your throwing half down the sink / their money so thought this idea would help, there was very little left in the cap my...
  11. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    Thank you, that colours beautifully even, I really want to use it on someone ASAP just to see it!!!! Gorgeous x
  12. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    Thank you!!! [emoji6]
  13. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    The clients beautiful the strand test was extremely strong when we tested it, my thoughts were confirmed ,Italian grandma! Really strong hair x
  14. Vezy1

    Need this colour

  15. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    You're right with the equal parts 10/69 8/69 mix as that's the depth of tone to keep it looking as bright a grey/silver tone if that's possible? How can add a photo to show you please. I think cause we had done all this over one day the porosity was comprised and ironically the Olaplex rep came...
  16. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    Not black blondor !! Type error sorry don't jump on my mistake !!
  17. Vezy1

    Need this colour

    Hi, I'm new to salon geek, but am so inspired by your conversations and passions for colours!!! I created a grey ombré using Wella illumina 6/16 and through ends 10/69 over pre lightened hair ( Wella cream black blondor ) my clients was wanting a silver blonde was concerned she didn't want to...
  18. Vezy1

    Just had our Olaplex training!!! Interested to hear about your experiences with it using Wella...

    Just had our Olaplex training!!! Interested to hear about your experiences with it using Wella products? Xx