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  1. bronzebrunette

    Double processing bleach

    I use different lighteners for different things - Guy Tang MyDentity Big9 creme lightener for scalp with 20vol 1:1.5 and never have to go back in for a second lift
  2. bronzebrunette

    Best UK keratin smoothing system

    NovMax is great I’ve been crazy this year with bookings since I started using it, it does have 0.2% formaldehyde which is the EU limit and it’s rinsed out after drying and straightening so clients definitely like it all being done in one day - I’ve started looking about because ideally I want to...
  3. bronzebrunette

    Best vibrant red?

    For permanents I use these Revlon Revlonissimo Cromatic shades a lot. For vibrant semi permanents I’ve switched more to Pulp Riot from Crazy Color [emoji173]️
  4. bronzebrunette

    Emerald green hair

    Can’t comment on Joico colours as I’ve never used them but I’ve bought a pack of light hair swatches and often try out different mixes of colours and test on these they’re good to be able to physically show the client aswell I got them from Salons Direct I know Crazy Color do an Emerald Green...
  5. bronzebrunette

    Hair dryer

    What’s everyone using? Looking for first hand recommendations on a new hair dryer - have a Diva Rapida 4000 currently, love the weight but looking to go smaller (thinking Parlux, had one a few years ago) but open and interested to see what else is out there and what yous think [emoji4]
  6. bronzebrunette

    What to do when clients aren’t being shared out in the salon?

    I have business cards with my mobile number on and my own logo sat at my section - try handing them to clients when they’re paying/rebooking if it’s a new client I normally write down my days and hours on the back, at the end of the day if your self employed your still running your own business...
  7. bronzebrunette

    What to do when clients aren’t being shared out in the salon?

    I’ve experienced this - I also only work Friday and Saturday since having my youngest so I’m not in the salon to be catching clients coming in or phoning to book - one thing that works great for me is having my own business page on Facebook/instagram and advertising myself - and now the majority...
  8. bronzebrunette

    Favourite blowdry brushes?

    Cricket for small round brushes, label.m bigger round brushes
  9. bronzebrunette

    Bleached & toned hair turning yellow in a week

    I use MyDentity Big9 creme lightener for all my scalp bleach applications and it’s been fab for getting great lift
  10. bronzebrunette

    What does your daily column look like?

    I’m self employed in a salon and only work Friday & Saturday my column on Saturday was; Tint, foils & cut Hair extensions consultation Hair up Hair up Kids cut Full head foils & cut Full head foils & cut Cut & blow dry Cut & blow dry And an early finish [emoji23]
  11. bronzebrunette

    Shampoo recommendations?

    I never go down the aisles that have hair products in supermarkets etc so I really have no clue what is out there but whenever clients ask I always recommend professional products - I change up my shampoo and what I personally use at home often, always from professional ranges so I think it’s...
  12. bronzebrunette

    Card payment terminals

    I use iZettle and absolutely love it £29 for the reader, 1.75% transaction fee - contactless and chip and pin - great battery life I’ve had mine since November and never had to charge it I just keep it turned off inbetween uses [emoji23]
  13. bronzebrunette

    Keratin blow dry products

    NovMax I buy direct from their website they sell smaller single use sample sized bottles roughly £20 I did this for the first few but have since bought the full sized bottles just because of how popular it’s been. 72 hair I think I went them an email and they mailed back their kit prices and I...
  14. bronzebrunette

    Hair extension course - Scotland

    Received this email today it’s in Edinburgh don’t know anything about it though - I trained in pre-bonded years ago and then over a year ago went and did the micro loop and micro ring extensions course through Salon Services and thought it was great was only a small group of 3 all day so lots of...
  15. bronzebrunette

    Keratin blow dry products

    Definitely making a comeback I’ve done 8 this month so far - I use NovMax it is very strong but I love the results and it’s washed out on the same day which I prefer rather than saying to client to leave their hair untouched for 3 days - I do still carry 72 Hair again it’s s great product and...
  16. bronzebrunette

    Extreme hair loss/thinning?

    Find out if there are any trichologists with clinics near you they will be able to run blood tests and analyse the readings in relation to hair and scalp
  17. bronzebrunette

    Self employed

    Yeah I didn’t actually think that leaving was going to be the end the result at the time to be honest! We had a sit down together to discuss how we both felt work wise etc which where I worked before was quiet a common thing for us all to do - and I kinda said as a throw away comment in jest “I...
  18. bronzebrunette

    Sulphate free hair products

    Al Davines products are sulphate and paraben free
  19. bronzebrunette

    Self employed

    100% move on and work for yourself I left the salon I was employed in for 5 years to rent a chair in a salon 2 years ago and it’s been fantastic the salon was new opening so was a fresh start for everyone and even on my ropiest of weeks at the start still cleared my rent and made more than I did...
  20. bronzebrunette

    How to showcase hair for social media

    Definitely any plain wall with a ring light - I think it looks better than some of these pop up banners where they don’t actually fit in the full frame of the photo [emoji85] you can get ring lights on amazon/eBay from about £30 x I also have a few of the little ones that attach onto your phone...