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  1. Dondon90

    Black Market hairdressing

    Hi everyone, Without any judgement at all i'm curious as to how many of you have already gone back to work? Ireland have recently declared that hairdressers aren't opening until 20th July (at the very earliest) This is purely out of curiosity and I don't want anybody to pre-judge or bad mouth...
  2. Dondon90

    Coronavirus and client formulas

    Hi everyone Like the rest of the world i stopped working yesterday. Ive had a couple of clients ask me for their formula's. What do you think is an appropriate response? Thanks x
  3. Dondon90

    Do I have to let clients know about price increases?

    Hello everyone I just wanted to get peoples opinions on wether or not you contact your clients in advance to let them know of price increases? Or if you let them know at payment. I feel like this is an odd thing to ask as personally i dont see the point in letting most clients know beforehand...
  4. Dondon90

    Client issue

    Hi I had a client in yesterday who last came to me in January. Since then she has been to another hairdresser who converted her from foil highlights to balayage. Long story short i took the balayage up higher and she left happy. She then messaged me at 10.30pm saying she felt that the blonde...
  5. Dondon90

    Colour correction/khaki hair

    Hi everyone i hope you can offer some advice. I have a client in soon who had a scalp bleach 4 weeks ago. Shes been left with a very yellow undertone in which some areas have turned khaki green (im guessing from an overload of blue ash at the toning stage) her natural level is a base 6 (100%...
  6. Dondon90

    L'Oreal Studio Blonde

    Haven't written on here in ages but I just have to tell you all how awful these new lighteners are! Myself and a work colleague used the multi techniques powder last week (we both have scalp bleaches) and our hair is destroyed.. Literally snapping off from the root! They were used with 20vol...
  7. Dondon90

    Trade test, kind of

    So I had an interview with a really nice salon today. He seemed very interested in hiring me. I was waiting for him to invite me for a trade test but instead he's invited me to the salon tomorrow because he has a creative director from sassoon doing training with his stylists and he wants me to...
  8. Dondon90

    Client firing

    Hey geeks, I have a client who I've been meaning to fire for some time now and a perfect opportunity has arisen where she has moved out of the distance that I normally travel to. It isn't the other side of the country but it is a good hours drive and I'm trying to figure out what to say to her...
  9. Dondon90


    Hi, Just wondering what the mixing ratio's for Pravana Chromasilk Vivids is? Does anyone have any info regarding this range? Thank you!
  10. Dondon90

    Interested to know

    This is more for self employed stylists but also for those of you who are employed.. How to do you guys deal with clients wanting cheaper prices on your services or those clients who are always trying to knock the price down. Just out of curiosity, wondering how people go about dealing with this?
  11. Dondon90

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Geeks! Have a good one! I'm sure up until today you've been working you arses off �� Enjoy and be merry! ��������
  12. Dondon90


    I had to write about this.. So far today I've had 6 clients asking me if I'm working on Christmas Day.. What the hell?!
  13. Dondon90


  14. Dondon90


    I have a lot more clients atm wanting violet shades and I'm keen to find something more vibrant! I use l'oreal and they're limited in these shades. I'm after a quasi rather than crazy colour/directions.. Any suggestions guys?
  15. Dondon90

    Does this exist?

    Hi, just wondering how you guys go about storing your colour tubes when your mobile. Is there such thing as a mobile colour rack that you can store in your boot? Sorry if this sounds silly but I'm just looking for ways to keep it all organised!
  16. Dondon90

    Majirel order

    Hey, Finally self employed! 👍 but I need to order the whole majirel and diarichesse/light range. I know it's a big investment but I've gotta spend it to make it 😁 Does anybody know where the best place to order such a load of colour?
  17. Dondon90


    So my boss has made me self employed (long story) Instead of me renting a chair she has done it on a basis of 65% to her 35% to me. Naively I agreed to this not working out how much she was actually taking. Ive built up a busy column at this salon and on most days I take more than she does as...
  18. Dondon90

    Rusk Elimin8

    Just looking for as much info and tips to using it! Educate me PLEASE 👍 XX
  19. Dondon90

    Very quickly L'Oreal geeks

    Does majirel cool cover lift?? Just applied half a head of foils and I looked at the first packets I placed and it looks really dark!! 😭
  20. Dondon90


    Looking for other geeks views on working overtime without any pay? It's a sore subject for many but I wanted to know if your ever expected to do it or if you refuse to do it point blank.