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  1. asteropi

    Black Friday codes?

    Anybody got codes - if there are any - for Magpie, Lecente (NOT S2), Glitter Express and GlitterArty? I'm not on their newsletters as I'm very prone to buying stuff "accidentally"...
  2. asteropi

    Honestly, what else is next?

    Would you try dead insects on your nails?
  3. asteropi

    Reviews on Brillbird nail art glue gel please

    Ok so I can't find Akzentz Bling on in Greece. I have contacted the supplier and they haven't had it imported for a while now (like a year or so!). So I'm looking into Brillbird for something similar. Is it as good? Also, have you heard about Somfis? Supposedly they make a gel like that as well...
  4. asteropi

    CND training the same worldwide?

    I know most here wouldn't be able to answer me but I'm hoping someone might shed some light into this I went to a salon lately to work closer to home. They used shellac, original. While I was performing a shellac manicure on the owner she asked me why I hadn't buffed the nail as I should have...
  5. asteropi

    Spray polish

    Anyone heard of this or even tried it? Sounds like it's for the amateurs and it certainly makes a mess, but it could save great time. What do you think? Opinions please
  6. asteropi

    Are these original Swarovskis?

    I found this today. Has anyone used them? Are they original Swarovskis? It does say "Packaged by iTrend" so wasn't sure what to think...
  7. asteropi

    Lashbase primer residue?

    Hey geeks, I recently bought a few items from Lashbase, one of which was their extensions' primer as the system I was using didn't have one. The girl didn't wear any make up and her eyelashes were clean. So I start regularly, clean the eyes with my protein pads and then apply the primer and my...
  8. asteropi

    Lash mail

    Ok it doesn't sound as exciting as nail mail but I just had to share this Got my lashbase samples to try out!
  9. asteropi

    Which skin care brand?

    We'll as the title says I'm a little confused. I have recently started working in a salon and they use a skin care brand here called Juliette Armand. It's pro only brand but they also do some retail packages for people to buy through the salon. I've heard it's really good but is it better than...
  10. asteropi

    Difference between mink and silk lashes?

    I've only trained a little while ago and have only used silk ones so far. My technique is still developing and I'm getting better with every set I make. So what's the difference from the mink ones (artificial mink, I don't support genuine mink)? Are they lighter, softer, more matt? Is it worth...
  11. asteropi

    Need your advice-what's this and how to get rid of it?

    I'm not a skin tech so I thought I could ask here. Summer is coming after all Basically both my legs are like that. I don't really have any hair growth any more. Any hair on my legs is blond and tiny, except for a few on the bone under the knee (no idea of its name) which are black. I do take...
  12. asteropi

    Fairies stamping plate?

    Hey girls, so I was asked today for a fairy-themed set of nails. I could try by hand, but the girl's nails are so tiny I'd rather go with a stamping plate. I already checked moyou and they only have 1 plate where most fairies are sitting. Do you guys have any alternative suggestions? Thnx
  13. asteropi

    What to do with breastfeeding client?

    Ok so I recently trained in lashes too and I've started doing some models to get my speed up and get some experience under my belt. I charge 10€ for these appointments just to cover part of my costs and all the models already know that these are just practice cases and not the actual price...
  14. asteropi

    Which lash lift beginner kit?

    Hey all So I've booked to do a lash extensions and lift course and I have decided to buy the extension kit of a brand called Lashionista as it's Greek and quite good from what I've seen and heard They don't however provide the necessities for the lash lift. So which brand would sell just the kit...
  15. asteropi

    Lash courses and which brands?

    Hey all, First of, let me say I have no idea about anything related to skin, other than the non-pro things we have and do at home. I'm basically a nail tech. I want to do a make up course some time in the future when I find one available and convenient enough but not now. 1) However the reason...
  16. asteropi

    Motorbike accident ouch!

    Ok I went to the hospital and I'm generally fine but my nail as you can see below is in a bad shape. Doctor would probably take it out but she had no idea about acrylics and I'm allergic to anesthesia so she'd rather avoid it. She told me to cut off the edge and we'll see it again tomorrow My...
  17. asteropi

    Akzentz or Bio Sculpture soak off gel?

    I need a soak off gel to replace the brisa lite. I found both these companies in Greece, but I can't decide which one to go with. Any advice?
  18. asteropi

    Alternative to barbicide

    Barbicide is in shortage here. I can find a couple in Athens but the cost of the delivery is off the roof, because of the weight :mad: I can't find Mundo anywhere! 1) A nail supplier here has switched over to one called Perfectan TB (ready to use, quite expensive), 2) another uses Bacillol...
  19. asteropi

    Which tips?

    Hey girls, It's been a while I know So I'm back to school for a reminder course, since I was off acrylics for so long a time. Anyway I was always awful at tips so I never really went down that road. And we are going to (re)learn it, hopefully I'll be better at it, now that I have had some...
  20. asteropi

    Liquid Aluminium?

    Just saw this: anyone knows what this liquid aluminium is? First time I've heard of it!