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  1. blossom

    Eyelash perm

    Def get a patch test 24/48 hours before. Arrive with no eye make up on, don’t squeeze your eyes shut, just close them gently, or the therapist can’t access your lashes properly. Follow the aftercare carefully and avoid sleeping on your face x
  2. blossom

    New to Salon Geek

    Hi, welcome to SG, hope you’re enjoying the forums :)
  3. blossom

    Please help, acrylic nail nightmare

    And there’s me going in like a blunderbus [emoji23][emoji85] Didn’t mean to sound heartless OP, hope all ok x
  4. blossom

    Please help, acrylic nail nightmare

    Great advice from Trinity as usual What strikes me most of all is that they are way way way too long for the length of your nail bed. They are at least 3 times the length of what you have naturally and so extremely vulnerable and imbalanced. I’m also a tad concerned about you having and using a...
  5. blossom

    Best acrylic brush you've used?

    Ezflow 501 100% My perfect brush
  6. blossom

    Your most popular treatment?

    Very, I get properly in the zone lol
  7. blossom

    Salon System lash lift

    Totally agree, amazing lift from salon services I do timings same as Shannonreddick above I’ve had LVL done on myself and it’s no different.
  8. blossom

    Your most popular treatment?

    Facials are my absolute favourite thing to do [emoji5]
  9. blossom

    Your most popular treatment?

    I do more nails than anything, followed by lash lifts and then I’d say facials.
  10. blossom

    Recommended lash lift brands

    I use lash base. Great results every time. I use the processing time to do brow tint & wax quite often so the timings are perfect
  11. blossom

    Aromatherapy facial

    Yes it’s lovely and clients remark on the beautiful but delicate fragrance I’ll be buying it again
  12. blossom

    Which Shellac colour would be suitable?

    Thank you I’ve bought indigo frock and pink pursuit and mauve maverick,very pleased [emoji16]
  13. blossom

    Lengthening mascara?

    What the hell happened to my quote up there [emoji674][emoji674] with the cat dewormer stuff?!
  14. blossom

    Salon Systems lash lift sachets?

    You don’t need much. You only need to cover from the root to halfway up the lashes and a thin coverage is adequate :)
  15. blossom

    If you could choose any treatment in a salon or spa?

    One day I am going to treat myself to a hot stone massage ((sigh)) Heard only good things. ....
  16. blossom

    Plantar Fasciitis anyone?

    It seems once you’ve had it, it doesn’t take much to set it off again [emoji51] Hope you’re better now
  17. blossom

    Lengthening mascara?

    I like Max Factors false lash effect and it doesn’t smudge either [emoji4] I hear lots about Benefits They’re Real but it smudges on me but then I do have quite oily skin I tried Charlotte tilburys mascara for £28 and it was absolutely shocking, very very clumpy and smudged .... a lot. So just...
  18. blossom

    Eve Taylor or Crystal Clear

    I’ve used Eve Taylor for years, and having recently done a course in facials, they are now the strongest contender for me when picking a product line. Without doubt, every product of theirs that I’ve used has impressed me so much and they all smell amazing x
  19. blossom

    Salon System lash lift

    You only need enough to cover x
  20. blossom

    Client had patch test but doesn't want them done yet

    Ooh definitely alarm bells with that one. Good, I’m glad you’re not doing her. I think anxiety can be useful, sounds like you have a good radar [emoji23]