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  1. Red Fox

    New Wella Koleston ME

    Yes I’ve always used 10/1 as highlights on same client forever & at our last appointment my heart was in my mouth with fright, at the result [emoji31].. almost platinum blonde, very ash indeed. I feel the old formula had more yellow tone which gave my client an end result of a beige blonde...
  2. Red Fox

    Sick pay insurance UK?

    Hi Geeks I’m quite interested to know how many of you Freelancers have an insurance that covers sick pay? I’ve contacted a company and am tempted, although was told I can’t claim against any existing diagnosed illnesses. I’ve only just been diagnosed with a lower back disorder & can only...
  3. Red Fox

    Salon with unqualified therapists

    I think you’re probably right in that they won’t have insurance especially if the staff aren’t qualified. You can only hold a valid insurance if you’re qualified. So I guess should an accident occur then the salon owner would be liable.
  4. Red Fox

    Leasehold vs freehold

    Good of you to let me know thanks.
  5. Red Fox

    Leasehold vs freehold

    Gosh no replies. How did you get on with it all as I’m in similar position with regard to finance. I realise it’s nearly 4 years on! X
  6. Red Fox

    Organic product range

    Can you recommend an organic product range for colours & perms, what do you use & are they a success? I want to overhaul my stock.
  7. Red Fox

    Facebook slander

    Report to Facebook as it’s slander & reputation at stake & they take it seriously these days
  8. Red Fox

    Self employed help

    Good luck with your new venture. I've never rented a chair in a salon, but decided to go mobile 5 years ago & haven't ever looked back. All you need to do as far as being self employed is concerned is to go onto the HMRC website & register as a self employed sole trader. You basically need to...
  9. Red Fox

    9/0 Wella

    Thanks all x
  10. Red Fox

    9/0 Wella

    Thank you for your replies. I really don't want to use bleach on her hair again to be honest as its so fragile & prone to breakage. The 12% mix with 10/ sounds ok if it's on no longer than 30 mins, but I could only apply to root area again, however with the 9/0 being on her mid lengths & ends...
  11. Red Fox

    9/0 Wella

    Hi just after any advice. I've a client who's hair I've been doing for about 3 years now. She's a natural depth of 7/0 & has about 50% grey. She's always liked a 9/0 or 99/0 with 9% on her roots & about every 3/4th time a few highlights throughout. For the highlights I used bleach with pastel...
  12. Red Fox

    Advice needed

    Sounds a good idea if you can pay in instalments. Check out your local college for a Beauty Therapy level 2 as they're cheaper & flexible to pay & also you may be entitled to a bursary. You'll need your level 2 for insurance purposes too.
  13. Red Fox

    Just started mobile- help and tips please

    Hi I've only got a Facebook page too. I've never really posted my work either, just prices & promotions (cheaper colours, perms, cut & styles) in the early days. I had A6 leaflets with prices printed up and put them in shops, gyms etc. I've also got a Google account which is free to set up & is...
  14. Red Fox

    Salon skincare range

    I love dermalogica & Clarins, maybe an organic range would be the way to go forward, don't know any though sorry.
  15. Red Fox

    Wella advice

    Thanks all for advice. I bought in 12/16 but opted for bleach & used 10/69 which was fab x
  16. Red Fox

    Wella Curl It

    Hi I love the Wella curl it perm. If it's long and thick then maybe apply to hair as you're perming, depending on how quick you are, I've found it helps. Otherwise saturate the hair with entire bottle, maybe two if necessary. Technique just depends on what curl you want to achieve.
  17. Red Fox

    Bridal hair course

    Yes I've been on a couple of hair up courses too & after doing a few brides hair ups decided it's not for me. I never really enjoyed doing hair ups anyway but as I'm mobile & do makeup also, saw it as a nice little niche to get into. Five years later I've never regretted not doing it, it just...
  18. Red Fox

    Wella advice

    Hi Geeks I have a client with hair depth 8/0 with quite ashy undertones. Last time she had highlights on virgin hair & wanted high lift wella 12/1.....Used 9% with 12/1 for 50 mins. The result was very warm highlights.....this surprised me a little. This time she'd like lighter/ whiter/ Nordic...
  19. Red Fox

    Going darker with Wella Illumina

    Pastel all the way [emoji7]