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    Lash lift didn't work!

    no problem and yes sometimes it can be medication that prevents the lift from working well. i feel my product can go bad if left open too long, kept too long, and heat/sun exposure too! don't leave it too long tho! 1-2 min extra?
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    Lash lift didn't work!

    different product? did the lash lft help nurish her lashes more that maybe you just need a little extra time on the solutions?different pad? annndddd were they cleaned before getting lifted
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    Intimate waxing

    Ask a reliable friend or if they’re going to get their money back anyways yeah do it! Sounds fair . If they don’t want to give the deposit that’s a sign that they most likely have a chance of not showing up or having “ an emergency “. Life happens I know but let them know they won’t get it back...
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    Lash lift adhesive problem

    tride a couple glues so far and no great glues that i know of. my glue comes in a tube and sometimes i like to "air it out"( leave it open) so the glue get sticker/thicker and less watery.
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    Lash lift too tight

    i don't use that brand but usually most are the same with two main solutions also mine comes with a keratin treatment too. When that happens to me especially with clients that didn't expect such an amazing curl to be touching their hooded eyes the first perm solution should be combed thru the...
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    Lash lift rods or shields?

    like the shields better. much easier to use and yes you can cut them to where they work out for most eye shapes, but if for whatever reason my clients want them more up (curled) i use the rods for a sharper lash look. be careful with the rods tho you dont want them to literally turn into a...
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    Individual eyelash extension brands

    Everyone mainly wants c and d curl and i bought the mixed lengths curls first to try them. If i like them i just buy a case of the one size i use most from the mix tray i bought from. i tend to use 9-13 in lengths .15 for mostly everybody and .20 if the lashes can support in only. unfortunatly...
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    Wax sticks difference

    That’s what my coworker does! It works just fine ! I don’t find it a big deal since like you said they don’t have to see the box/ store then in a different clean container . You save lots of money [emoji383]
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    Wax sticks difference

    Tried looking it up myself but no specific answer. What’s the difference in buying wooden wax applicators vs craft popsicle sticks to use . Fancy packaging? Is frowned upon from looking at a craft box? Do they actually make them that different or do the spa ones look nicer because they take...
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    Best waxing rolls?

    Small suggestions ? :(
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    Lash lift help - isn’t working

    Test out different shields. Some I have used do small, med, and large but don’t have a “ bump” to them to make them curve right. Medium is not always best for everybody like subo said :). I’ve tried different lines of product too ... not all take 15 min to do for each solution
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    Best waxing rolls?

    Started doing Brazilians at work and I hhaatte their pellon strips ! I try the perfect pull to remove hair and even different waxes but they tend to rip here and there or leave the wax there pressed ....I bought my own non woven wax roll that works wonders but the width of the pellon is thin and...
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    Full leg wax time?

    I use a roll on wax which speeds things up a bit even if it’s full grown hair . Depending on the hair and how stubborn is can be I last around 15-30 min
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    Lash lift glue not sticking

    Just so I don’t get lashes that lift all of a sudden on me half way treatment I use a thin line of medical tape on the tips of the lashes to hold them down [emoji51][emoji1360] how do I take it off and not rip off any lashes ? The keratin treatment oil that some lash kits come with help it slide...
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    Waxing reaction

    1) she kept touching her face 2) she put some kind or product to soon on her skin 3) folicolitis on the face? 4 ) not bad wax but maybe that type wasn’t for her
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    Dirty roll on wax machine

    Just realized some of my sentences make no sense lol sorry ! Long story short ... best way to clean this freaking machine
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    Dirty roll on wax machine

    So we have this waxer that has recently been leaving our roll on wax dirty as hell ( fixing that problem soon ) and what is left is a roll on wax warmer that stores up to 8 cartridges..... wax pot I can clean any day but how would you go inside it and make sure I don’t destroy it/ clean it right...
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    Full set lash time

    Thanks! Is there any lashes or glued u recommend I also use random ones but always willing to try new product. Just want to get the best retention
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    Full set lash time

    i dont do lash extensions often just on the side and i used to take 2-3 hrs on a full set and brung it down to one hr and a half to 2 hrs, but im still self concious about how long i take doing them. i always hear peoples full sets took 45 min to an hourish ( nosey so i asked out of curiousity)...
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    Semi permanent mascara?

    Theres this new thing going around thats professionals can do doing a semi permanent mascara treatment which takes 30-60 min and the mascara wont come of for over 6-8 weeks! has anybody tried it and is it possible to do a lash lift then add that stuff on?