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    Style advice

    I didn’t cut it because she was never 100% certain, so I didn’t want her to regret it if she wasn’t ready. But now she is definitely sure that she wants it short. Her hair definitely is not like the short bob you suggested, it is far too thin for it to look like that. Thank you I will look at...
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    Style advice

    Hi all, I have a client who currently has a bob, the last couple of times I’ve done her hair she’s said she thinks she wants it short, I never cut it short, I kept it the same. Now she has said at her next appointment it’s definitely being cut off and brightened up. Her hair is thin and fine...
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    Short hair - colour dilemma

    Thank you I just feel like I’m failing to give her what she wants when in fact I can but she isn’t prepared to pay the maintenance
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    Short hair - colour dilemma

    I use wella, how do I do that?
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    Short hair - colour dilemma

    Hi all, I have a lady who has half a head foil highlights, 2 bleach foils to 1 9/0 foil. Her natural hair is a 5. On top her hair is very blonde and she really hates the contrast to her natural hair. But she has a short cut, long on top but cut into the neck. I foil the top/sides no problem...
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    Pre pig Goldwell help

    Thanks all [emoji4] She's had a 6 before to break it up and she liked it so I shouldn't have a problem with the depth of colour, I just won't do too many. Ive never used goldwell lolites, but I'll take a look for the future, thanks :) I chose 6n@gb because it's something I already have so saves...
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    Pre pig Goldwell help

    Hi all I have a client who has been having bleach cap hi lights, her hair is now too blonde so wants some brown low lights put through. Can I pre pig - I was going to use affinage quick pig orange - then apply 6n@gb? Her hair is 9 and 10 in some places so i will try to even it up. Is it...
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    I got a dyson for Christmas and I really can't rate it at all. I have a parlux and its sooo much better. My parlux is hotter and feels a lot more powerful and i can't get use to the position of the buttons on the dyson. I'll definitely be returning it. Anyone else got one?
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    Wages/commission advice

    Thank you for your help. I have told her I'm not willing to work for so little. I will continue to search for somewhere else
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    Wages/commission advice

    Hey I have been offered a job to work on Saturdays in a small busy salon and have been told my working hours are 9-6. She has told me the pay is £50 for the day then 10% comission...but I haven't been told what my target is before I earn comission. I told her I wouldn't work for less than £80...
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    Quick and simple prepig options?

    Colour mousse is great for quickness but if it's going over hair that is bleached so light and you want to achieve a 6 or darker then don't expect it to last, it will fade real quick!
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    New business special offers

    Why not get existing clients to 'introduce a friend and get £x or x% off your next appointment' That way you treat your loyal clients and get full paying new clients
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    Patchy bleach highlights

    Well if it's lifted to 9 and 10 then I'll need to choose something with violet. But how do I know whether to use a 10. Or 9. ? If i use a 10. then it won't tone anything that's not lifted to a 10, if I choose a 9. will that even it out? The hair is definitely patchy, you can see from previous...
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    Patchy bleach highlights

    Hi all, I have a new client who has bleach foil highlights. I highlighted her hair today and really noticed how uneven her colour is. She says she's only ever had bleach but would also like a toner - she says her hair goes brassy the last couple of weeks before it needs doing. She is a base 7...
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    Theory of developers regarding low and slow

    I have tried to explain low and slow to the women I work with, they tell me why would I want to waste time using bleach & 6% when I can use 12% and will get results quicker - bleach high lights still turn out a nice colour with 12% - if we have a base 5 client then my boss will even use 18%...
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    Help with blowdry?

    Not if you are left handed. I hold them the other way round.
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    Resisting the urge to do a pregnancy test

    Do it in the morning, why wait. Pack of 2 in tesco are like £3.50. With my first 2 pregnancies I knew instantly I was pregnant, you know you just feel it. I tested before my missed period cause I was so certain but this time was different - my periods are all over the place so didn't have a clue...
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    Maternity leave

    Hiya, I have just returned to work from 8 1/2 months of maternity leave and I'm expecting again! (I am super excited) So works out I'll be back on maternity leave end of October. Not sure how my boss will take the news, but I don't see why I should put my family on hold for the sake of making it...
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    Any service you will not do?

    Long hair cut very short! I prefer to break it up, cut it somewhere in the middle before the big chop...I just always think there's gona be a complaint somewhere like their hair is now curly it's cut short or it's really thick and they didn't expect it to be like that even after you have told...
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    Hair BBC3

    I thought the program was just about people who do their every day jobs but just have a passion for doing hair - like a hobby they enjoy. They're not suppose to be great hair cutters or produce amazing colour. They experiment with family and friends hair cause they just like to have a go and...