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    Yes your right Hun they can be,but I've used them most on younger clients which have been on pre lightened hair. It's more to even it out but she doesn't want anything applied all over hence why I thought foils and tone will be my best bet.
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    Hi geeks I hope I'm explaining this well enough for everyone to understand. Basically my client has grown out her colour over the last couple of years and is now pretty much 100% grey however on the sides of her hair it's gone like a yellow colour which I think is down to heat of straightners...
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    Wella vs Schwarzkopf?

    Your alternative in Schwarzkopf will be a 6-68 or a 5-68 Hun which is a chocolate red. X
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    In need of colour advice for a fussy client

    Can u not just do bleach highlights and tone if need be? U will get a cleaner lift by using Bleach and u will be able use a much lower peroxide which would be much softer on the hair than 12% X
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    Client complaint

    Hi Hun I'm more than happy to try and help send them over xx
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    Foiling, where do you start?

    As stated above there is no right way it's down to the individual. However I think the plus side of starting from the bottom is that you can rinse foils from underneath, to stop breakage and over developing. X
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    Tired of running the salon business

    I feel for you, it almost sounds like you've made your mind up but need reassuring. This may be all you've know for the last 11 years, but do you also want it to be for the next 20 odd years where you feel down and low, because life is short and I'm sure you would deeply regret it. If you've got...
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    Halesowen ☺️ How about yourself? X
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    How about 6-61? Any thoughts ? X
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    Geeks i normally use a 6-1 inbetween a full head of foils which I tone with 9-60. However my client wants a cooler root than a 6-1, so I thought i would give an illumina shade a go as I haven't really used them. What would be your choice on a natural 4? Thanks in advance!x
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    I've just realised your from Stourbridge! So am I. It's a small world X
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    Hey Hun, as you take your sections rather than doing them straight, angle them, also make sure your pulling the hair tight when applying the colour making sure the ends are well saturated and then feather up. I do love the back combing technique though! Don't be afraid to really back comb it and...
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    Platinum blonde

    I would say use bleach and tone, you will get a better and cleaner lift. [emoji106]
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    Highlight help!

    Hi lovely, stagger your peroxides. 3% from the nape upto 6% and then 9% through top if necessary. X
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    Colour choices

    Thanks Laura I've just seen ur reply. I did end up using 9-60 anyway but went with my trusting 6-71 for root drag. It's really daunting using colours that u haven't used before when u have no one else to discuss it with. X
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    Colour choices

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    Colour choices

    Any opinions as I'm going to the warehouse in the morning [emoji16]
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    Colour choices

    Hi geeks, I'm not experienced in illumina. But I want to venture into it! My lady at the moment is a natural base 5, we've been doing a full head of bleach highlights with a 6 running through with a Schwarzkopf 9,5-1 toner on ends. The picture above is what my lady has sent me, what are your go...
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    Bleach blonde to balayage?

    I'm Interested of other people's thoughts on this.. I get lots of requests with these sort of pictures. But I haven't ventured into illumina colours much, so would like to hear ur favourites. X
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    Opinions on my copper ring hair extensions please

    O Hun ur scalp looks sore!! I don't do extensions but in my opinion they don't look like they've been applied correctly at all. Hopefully a geek can help u out! X