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  1. NailsbyHayley

    Qualified beauty therapist wasting qualification

    You don't need any other courses. You need to dump that arse that keeps putting you down!!
  2. NailsbyHayley

    1 1/2hrs to remove acrylic with gel on top

    I do remove others work as I have gained a few clients this way! It takes ages but I charge £10, I debulk with my e file and a extra course bit, dunk them in super strength acetone -99% one - you can grab from savers its 79p! - I use a soak mani tub from ebay - you can store very warm water in...
  3. NailsbyHayley

    Help, client’s nails keep popping off

    Double prep. Get ALL that non living tissue off that nail plate. Use one complete system that's designed to work together for optimum results. Her nail beds could be extra oily so double dehydrate.
  4. NailsbyHayley

    Educating NSS clients?

    I would ask them to ask the nail bar they go to, to show them their certificates and explain what products they are using. If they can - great! - If they cant.... just let your friends find out for themselves.
  5. NailsbyHayley

    Looking for a salon job ESSEX - please message me. x

    Looking for a salon job ESSEX - please message me. x
  6. NailsbyHayley

    Extra little touches

    Hey - I ask after doing nails if they prefer oil or lotion - if they choose lotion I give a nice hand/arm massage. Waxing I use a really lovely wax oil to soothe their skin. Make up - a glass of fizz, choose their own playlist? xx
  7. NailsbyHayley

    Nervous about mobile

    Honestly, if you get that bad vibe - do not go. I had this feeling, ignored it and ended up in a very scary situation!! xx
  8. NailsbyHayley

    Eyebrow and lash tint with eyebrow wax

    I would do lash tint, then brow tint, depending on how deep/dark the client wants her brows -then remove brow tint, then remove lash tint. - then cleanse ready to wax. x
  9. NailsbyHayley

    Eyebrow and lash tint with eyebrow wax

    Definitely leave the waxing until last. Tint lashes, then brows, then wax. xx
  10. NailsbyHayley

    Online nail courses?

    Hey! You tube! Don't bother with online tutoring - having someone to guide your hand and seeing it in person is so much more worth while - and plus most online tutoring provide un-recognised certs. x
  11. NailsbyHayley

    Anyone bought an Eve Taylor mobile therapist’s kit recently?

    I would be interested to get one!
  12. NailsbyHayley

    Best gel for sculpting and tips

    Hiya, I agree, I do find gel nails a bit bendy.... I do use the gel pot by the gel bottle. I also use biab from the gel bottle and also flubber by ink London, but only for small repairs when doing a gel polish manicure just to get that one broken nail in line with the others :)
  13. NailsbyHayley

    L&P ratio

    I dip into L and wipe all one side of my brush and half of the other. I find that's a good ratio to then hold into powder for a count of 3 to get a decent bead/pearl. xxx
  14. NailsbyHayley

    Do you prefer advertising % off or £ off?

    I prefer 10% as it seems more...
  15. NailsbyHayley

    Mobile waxing

    Go into Home Bargains and grab one of those crates with the lining material in. It looks quite pretty, holds all the waxing bits and will keep upright in the car in the footwell x
  16. NailsbyHayley

    Nail wholesalers

    hey no I don't know of any - but pay pal do credit now xxx
  17. NailsbyHayley

    Bag to carry mobile equipment - pedicure bowl/towels/tools etc?

    I do that too, I have a facial bag, a bag of clean towels, my couch, my fold up table, a stool, lol I am literally a travelling salon! lol
  18. NailsbyHayley

    Running business from home!

    Have you done a course for offering nails? Do you know what type of nail service you would like to provide? Soft gel, hard gel, manicures, pedicures, enhancements? etc etc!
  19. NailsbyHayley

    Stress area problem?

    Try placing your apex over that stress area. Bring it down. x
  20. NailsbyHayley

    Bag to carry mobile equipment - pedicure bowl/towels/tools etc?

    I have a bag from Next which came with three other little bags - this bag is large and holds ALL my polishes. It's heavy but I cant warrant £30odd quid on another bag from roo beauty lol xx