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  1. BeautifiClaire

    Trained in EE's, can I express, too?

    Hello Ladies! I am trained with Lash Perfect in semi-permanent EE's and was wondering, with the Xmas party season coming up, about doing the quicker, express/party or whatever you wanna call em too! I suppose for one off's over Xmas and due to the cost being cheaper more ladies will want to...
  2. BeautifiClaire

    Colour pop Gelish bubbles!

    Ha! Random title but had to fit it all in but make it short and sweet! Basically, I have just qualified in Gelish, bought lots of colours and the 18g LED lamp (loving it all by the way!!!) and wanted to show my ladies the full range of shades so spent a couple of hours one night during the week...
  3. BeautifiClaire

    Sorry, emergency tan help!

    Hi dolls, having a mare, sorry! So, with working full time in my 'real' job all week I haven't nouvatanned anyone for about 10 days. Before then I did one tan and put my helia ts50 gun away, forgot to rinse it through :( anyhoo, what's done is done and now I've gone to clean it tonight as have a...
  4. BeautifiClaire

    Southwest Gel Training

    hi lovely nail ladies, I am really wanting to get into nails now to add to my tanning and lashes - I love having mine done personally and really want to master the soak off gel technique. I'm not sure about extensions at this point, to start with I want to learn mani, pedi and gel application. I...
  5. BeautifiClaire

    Mobile lasher sanitisation query

    Afternoon lovelies! Did my first set of lashes last night and rather chuffed if I do say so myself! However, what do us mobile lashers do about the whole sanitisation side of things? For example, what do you do with your tweezers once you've got home, do you have autoclaves or just leave in...
  6. BeautifiClaire

    First paying customer! Tan advice please!

    Hi dolls, tonight I had my first payable customers as a qualified Nouvatanner and I am still buzzing!!! However, my lady was very pale, but after doing her other half a 16% she wanted one too! - and to be honest it looked lovely on her but neither of them were really really brown, am I doing...