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  1. sarah_clancy

    I just got engaged!

    Eeeeeeeeeeek! I had to tell all my SG friends! This was all a huge surprise.... We went to London, went to see Matilda at the theatre, then went to this posh steak restaurant called the hawksmoor @ covent garden.... Which was all very lovely and pricey too.. Walking back to Waterloo he...
  2. sarah_clancy

    Fed up and pregnant - is it worth it?

    34 weeks pregnant... Ended up in hospital yesterday thought baby was on its way. Lots of pain, lots of stress... Lots of angry clients! I bend over backwards for my clients and get no thanks in return... Just "so can you still do my hair today?!" I've finally come to realise I am NOT super...
  3. sarah_clancy

    Urgent help needed-iPad2 calender deletes everything!

    I woke up this morning, all my past and future entries have been erased! My whole work life is on here and I have no idea how to trace it. I managed to retrieve a few from iCloud, but it's literally a couple of appointments that were booked ages ago. I want to cry :-( Please can anyone shed...
  4. sarah_clancy

    Sharon Blain master class, October in the UK

    I first heard about Sharon Blain on salon geek, and have been following her on Facebook and watched her tutorials. She's very talented. And she's coming over for salon international and also to do a 2 day masterclass in London. I've just looked on her website and it's quite pricey, BUT I...
  5. sarah_clancy

    Pinterest for Hair Geeks!

    Absolutely loving Pinterest. It's extremely inspiring, I just pin away and save the photos for future clients and ideas! Any other hair geeks on here so we can follow each other? It's a bit easier to keep track of everything hair, I mean it's nice to LIKE everyone's FB business pages, but...
  6. sarah_clancy

    Pinterest for Hair Geeks!

  7. sarah_clancy

    Lightest blonde to cover stubborn grey

    Morning guys... A bit stumped so need to pick your brains. I have a regular client (85% grey) who has her regrowth touched up every 3 weeks. Her grey is very resistant and I always pre soften before applying colour. And it's still not perfect to me. We tend do do a packed in full head of foils...
  8. sarah_clancy

    Ovatu app booking system

    Can I sync all my iPad calender appointments into ovatu? I don't want to start messing about and lose them all! Did everyone just go for the free one? Thanks in advance.
  9. sarah_clancy

    Skin test - have I missed something?

    Wow..... I have just been having a goosey gander on a local Hair salons Facebook page. A few potential customers have asked if they need a skin/patch test... The salon has replied to all of them "as long as you come in 15 minutes before your appointment that will be fine, standards now only...
  10. sarah_clancy

    Sunday weddings

    I've had a few enquiries lately for weddings this year on a Sunday. I would like to charge a premium as I never work Sundays, and it would be early morning. I have no idea how much extra to charge though. For a bride I charge £35 on the day and bridesmaids £25. Thanks in advance. x x
  11. sarah_clancy

    20 week scan - Gastroschisis

    Hey geeks. Had a hard week.. We went for our 20 week scan on Thursday and they told us our little baby has this condition. It's where her bowel/small intestine is on the outside of her belly. We got referred to st George's hospital in London the next day, for another scan and talks with the...
  12. sarah_clancy

    Men's cutting

    Right this is quite on trend with the guys at the moment, and I wouldn't want to get too carried away with my clippers! What's people's experience with the tram line disconnecting the clippered sides to the length on top? I don't think my wahl clippers or mini clippers would do a small clean...
  13. sarah_clancy

    Kirsty's hair in Eastenders

    Is it me or is that look just horrific? She has 2 tiny strands quite dark, but only coloured half way down leaving the ends blonde?! :s
  14. sarah_clancy

    How are we all doing?

    Only 4 more days to go... I'm burning out already, 7 days on the bounce with no day off..... The Xmas break better be worth it! Had a few clients either no show or rearrange, not what we need this time of year! Thinking of you all! x x x
  15. sarah_clancy

    How are we all doing?

  16. sarah_clancy

    Stacey Solomon hair!

    Defo wrong colour match here... You can clearly see how dark her hair is underneath her bright blonde extensions, pretty sure she must spend a fortune on her hair!!! And surely it's not dip dye...?!
  17. sarah_clancy

    Another article for you to read

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2209118/Can-EVER-worth-spending-1-000-hairdo-Super-stylist-Rossano-Ferrettis-special-cutting-technique-test.html Amazing, I'd love to earn £1000 from just a CUT... Not even a blow dry haha!xx
  18. sarah_clancy

    Big colour change with extensions

    Evening! My client is having extensions removed, complete colour change, and new extensions applied. She is natural base 5, with lots of bleach foils through the top section. I've attached a photo of what she would like done. I'm struggling to find a hair ext supplier that does the ombrè, so...
  19. sarah_clancy

    Ashy Bines bikini body challenge

    WOW I've just purchased this and been on the fb forum, I just wanted to share with you. It's based in Australia, but can buy through PayPal. Anyone wanting inspiration to lose weight... Just go have a look at the photos!!x x
  20. sarah_clancy

    What new courses have people got coming up, or recently been on?

    Think I need to get booked on some, something new and inspiring. Haven't been back to L'Oreal since last April. Just wanted to hear reviews too!xx