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  1. sarah_clancy

    Hair extension payments

    This goes hand in hand with running a business I'm afraid, if your starting up a proper business surely you should have funds in place to start up anyway? Do you ask for the whole amount upfront?
  2. sarah_clancy

    Show us your hair!

    LOVE this... What colour do you use?!xx
  3. sarah_clancy

    Facebook Groups for Hairdressers

    What's that??
  4. sarah_clancy

    Facebook Groups for Hairdressers

    I sent a request!! Xx
  5. sarah_clancy

    Slimming World-anyone else do it?

    Oh this is just great.... Me and my friend are joining this morning. Lets shed this baby weight! :-) x x
  6. sarah_clancy

    Show us your baby bumps and scans

    This is me shortly before popping, I gave birth 6 weeks ago!xx
  7. sarah_clancy

    6.66 result on grey hair

    Are you using L'Oreal? 6.66 and red mix tone will cover the grey completely, with not losing any tone. You do not need to add any 6.3.
  8. sarah_clancy

    Which hair technique gives you "the fear"?

    Just be honest with your client, let them know its a slow unpredictable change they're going through. And do test pieces :-D xx
  9. sarah_clancy

    Which hair technique gives you "the fear"?

    I would of loved to have had you as a boss persianista!x
  10. sarah_clancy

    Which hair technique gives you "the fear"?

    What a great thread my dear!! Not a hell of a lot. Since going freelance 3 years ago, I think I've tackled most obstacles with lots of practice. It use to be hair ups, I like to think I've cracked that one now. And also super short clipper cuts 0/1 grades, fading up... Blended, no lines on...
  11. sarah_clancy

    Silver hair in one session?

    Have you got any photos of your hair? What tone is it now? It very much depends on different colour houses, do you know what your hairdresser has been using? also the porosity of your hair will be a big factor.
  12. sarah_clancy


    It depends what the clients desired outcome is. Gold/beige/ash result. Most my clients like clean bleach foils, and I always use a good quality professional lightner, not needing to tone.xx
  13. sarah_clancy

    Another red hair thread

    It's a bit vague?! Lol xx
  14. sarah_clancy

    Show us your hair!

    Lordy I need to start taking care of myself..... I had my colour and toner done yesterday... I feel so good, now I know why I'm a hairdresser! But I was mortified when I counted back TEN WEEKS was the last time I had it done, bleughhhhhhhh it makes me feel a bit ill, how unprofessional!!! :-(
  15. sarah_clancy

    Another red hair thread

    What is your clients colour history? What colour house/product are you intending on using?
  16. sarah_clancy

    When will it be long enough?

    Kimi I reckon once your hair has grown past your ear, so it's covered then you will be okay to fit them, make your bonds as small as possible though!xx
  17. sarah_clancy

    How do you get kids to bed?

    Become more strict, they need to know if they don't behave then there will be consequences... No treats, no toys, no playing, no sweets etc. Stick to your guns! Also reward charts.. Kids love praise more then anything. Your a mother before your a best friend, that's what someone told me when I...
  18. sarah_clancy

    Hairdressing tutorials?

    True persianista ;) I for one would love to see a tutorial from you! X
  19. sarah_clancy

    Best Majiblond to create a caramel effect

    It really depends on your clients base shade/level, to how it's going to turn out. If my client asked for caramel I'd usually choose a 7 line. 903s is really pretty though :) x x
  20. sarah_clancy

    Silver shampoo as a toner

    Not use L'Oreal... But matrix so silver shampoo works well on really porous hair! :) xx