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    Hello :o) I think I'm back??

    :eek: Hi all, Just wanted to come and say hello AGAIN! Brief history: I did my manicure, nail enhancement & nail art VCTC (or is it VTCT?) in 2002 at college (night school). Thought (at the time) it was fabulous and went mobile, creating nail exensions to anyone who'd av 'em! After a...
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    Anyone used Nail Solutions?

    Has anybody used the Nail Solutions L&P? Or the quitissence (soz spelling!) Can anyone give their opinions on this product please :D
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    Learning to sculpt??

    Can anyone give me any info on where i can learn to sculpt? I live in the manchester area. I would laso like to do a class on P&W's. The course i did was a VTCT (or was is VCTC, TVTC??) LOL and unfortunatley it only taught me the basics of liquid/powder, gel & fibreglass. The rest was practise...
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    advice needed please

    i beleive the best way to advertise is to keep my own nails nice. Today i went to the local sunbed shop and was offered a job. The fella asked me who had done my nails (how nice it was to get praised) Anyway...he and his friend have just bought the shop and know nothing about the beauty...
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    what brand do I change to?

    At the moment I use acrylic "the edge" by alida, this is what i trained with at college! I am looking to change brands but dont know where to start! Each website i look on claims their brand is the best. Here is what i am looking for........ * A similar setting time to what i am using *...
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    worst nightmare

    Would love to here of peoples little "Ooopsies" in this business. Here's my most embarrassing moment! I had not long finished my course in acrylic nails and a friend of a friend wanted infills.....GREAT, My first mobile nail technician job! I was really nervous and packed my case with all my...
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    What is your prefered system?

    What type of system does everyone prefer to use? I find that most of my clients like acrylic which is what i tend to stick with! Although i would love find a soak off gel and convert them all (I prefer the look of Gel)....Any (uncomplicated) advise on gels would be appreciated!
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    A piccie of my sister damaged nail

    I recently posted a question of "my sister large crack in the middle of her nail" I have found out this is called Median Nail Dystrophy. I thought you may find this interesting as i had never seen it b4!
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    when are you "good enough"??

    I left college in June 2002 after doing the VCTC courses in Manicures, Nail art and advanced nail techniques. I LOVE the nail industry (yet at times could scream!) I started on friends and family doing them all for free as i got told....practise,practise,practise. I decided a while ago to...
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    Large crack down the middle of nail?

    :| Please help, my sister has a large crack down the middle of her nail from the cuticle growing towards the free edge. She has worn acrylic nails for a few years and goes to local salon who do NOT know what the cause is. I am quite a new nail tech but it looks to me that she has damaged her...