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    Speedy tan

    Hi there Quick question Does anyone know of a good brand to use for express tanning? The kind that develop quickly by the time you leave them on. I’ve tried a few that state light 2 hours, med 4hours etc but I’m yet to find one that gets as dark as an 8 hour tan with out having to be left on...
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    NVQ/VCTC or not?

    I wasn’t referring to your post Haircutz but I have reported other comments posted that slander an innocent businesses and informed the business owners also. I don’t think some of the comments made here are what salon geek want to promote.
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    NVQ/VCTC or not?

    Surely this kind of behaviour is going against salon geeks terms. Why do you feel the need to attack someone’s business if your own is so great? Are you not busy with that??? I will be reporting this thread now, this is just very nasty, uncalled for!
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    NVQ/VCTC or not?

    Yes hairdressing is a whole new ball game with requirements..... I think that’s because of the use of bleach, peroxide and heavy chemicals etc. I know here in the trade shop you could buy beauty supplies if you were not a member but nothing for hair because of that reason. The industry is...
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    NVQ/VCTC or not?

    I have to disagree! I personally trained with Vicki Clarke based in Cardiff a few years back. That was after training originally in college many years ago and just didn’t have the confidence to take any skills further. The theory in college is there but practical skills just not up to par with...