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    What NVQ

    I'm looking to do an NVQ in nails but really not sure what to look for. It would have to be part time as I work mon-fri. I have done my creative foundation course but just wanted advice on NVQ's.
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    what powder and tips

    I am about to re order some powder, tips, glue ect. from creative. I have been using velocity tips which I got and bought extra when I did my foundation course in April but I need some advice on which type of enhancements are used more regular than others. I don't have too much of a budget and...
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    really need advice

    Here I sit most days while i'm at work.(I am a manager of a day nursery) and browse through the site and I just wonder what the hell I am doing in my job. Only been here 8 months, have been a manager for 3 years in another nursery and it now bores me to tears. I have been in this morning since...
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    annual salary

    I have completed my creative 4 day foundation course and was wondering what the annual salary for a full time postion in a salon would be. I have absolutely no idea. I am currently working as a manager of a childrens day nursery and really can't wait till I work in the nail indusrty full time. I...
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    help and advice

    Hi, Just attended the first part of my creative 4 day foundation course, and have to go next Thursday for the last day. I am currently working in a day nursery but really want a carear change. Until last week I had not had any experience in the idustry (except for having my nails done every 2...